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Thomas Daily Dies at 89

Thomas was dedicated to practicing law, with particular expertise in mineral law. Additionally, he frequently presented continuing legal education programs.

During his 13 years as bishop, he raised millions for schools and churches while consolidating parishes – but also caused considerable controversy by handling sexual abuse scandals in Boston and Brooklyn.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was born in Belmont, Massachusetts on September 23, 1927 and attended both Boston College and St. John’s Seminary before being ordained as a priest in 1952.

He continued writing poetry and short stories until 1981 when his novel Dreaming in Bronze won a Cholmondeley Award. Additionally he published series of novels such as Summit (inspired by Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan meeting in Switzerland) and Lying Together.

Up until series 12, Thomas himself would narrate the stories and deliver all dialogue, but since then there has been a head writer. Not only does the head writer write scripts but they are also responsible for casting and directing duties as well as extra features like an Imagination Station, Pint-Sized Pufferbellys and Cranky Cars! At this year’s festival we have many fun extras such as these to add even more fun!

Professional Career

Thomas advises businesses and creative individuals, including entrepreneurs, on intellectual property matters such as trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. He also assists his clients with business transactions including contract drafting and negotiation services. Thomas works across industries including software providers, dental and medical practices, an international online marketplace platform for multiple sectors as well as transportation logistics providers and securities broker-dealers.

As the former co-owner of a brewery, he applies his “real world” experience when counseling breweries, distilleries and wineries on intellectual property issues such as selecting, protecting and enforcing trademarks or brand names. Additionally, he litigates infringement cases in state and federal court as well as handles proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas has long challenged the boundaries of soul music through his songwriting and production styles; receiving multiple awards.

His commitment to his community can be seen through his involvement with the Black Awards program, which honors black achievers from Miami and Broward Counties. Additionally, he works closely with both Embrace Girls Foundation and Boys & Girls Club.

He also actively engages in news and commentary show for BLCK Press LLC called “Here’s the Truth with Georgia Fort.” Additionally, he was recognized with the 2022 Spirit of St. Thomas Award as an active member of St. Thomas community and presented on mineral law topics at continuing legal education programs.

Personal Life

Thomas Daily raised millions as bishop emeritus to repair schools and churches; his last years, however, were marred by criticism of how he handled sexual abuse scandals in Boston and Brooklyn. On Monday morning in Queens he died peacefully at Immaculate Conception Center’s Bishop Mugavero Residence aged 89 years.

Thomas took great pleasure in spending his free time with Sophie and their three children, debating politics and solving crossword puzzles, devoting himself to Clemson University, Ohio State and Cleveland Browns football teams as well as being a loyal Cleveland Browns supporter.

Thomas found time for acting roles outside his classroom duties. He appeared in various TV shows and movies – most notably as Carla’s husband on Cheers; also playing football player for World Football League team FC Gold Coast Titans as well as knocking a meatball off of Late Show Christmas Tree every year from 1998-2003.

Net Worth

Thomas amassed more than $2.8 million from various sources in 2019, including investments, earnings from YouTube channel views and social media engagement and his social media content creation. Thomas also has several projects planned including acting.

Thomas has also donated to various right-wing causes that seek to influence the judiciary, though he maintains an everyman image by refusing luxurious vacations (in 2019, for instance, Thomas failed to disclose an island-hopping trip worth $500,000.)

Thomas has earned great financial success through various ventures and looks set to continue generating significant wealth from them. He currently appears in Crater, directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez and written by John Griffin – which should produce additional returns in 2023.

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