Thomas Diina

Thomas Diina hails from Buffalo and currently serves as superintendent for Erie County Jail. Additionally, he launched New York State’s inaugural Crisis Intervention Training program designed for corrections personnel.

He filed a lawsuit against the County, Sheriff Howard and other officials and employees alleging he was unjustifiably demoted and eventually fired by them.

Early Life and Education

Diina graduated from Williamsville Central High School in Buffalo, NY before earning his Bachelor’s degree from Rochester University. He currently resides in Williamsville with his wife and two young children and serves as board member of the Greater Buffalo Racial Equity Roundtable’s Reentry Coalition, dedicated to decreasing Erie County’s above average recidivism rate by helping individuals find paths towards economic self-reliance instead of arrest. Furthermore, he has stage directed and music directed numerous productions at Buffalo Theater District.

Professional Career

Diina began 2022 with Erie County jail management after 21 years of service, transitioning into her newly appointed position with the Sheriff’s Office as Chief of Community Reintegration. He credits the Greater Buffalo Racial Equity Roundtable Reentry Coalition as being responsible for his new role, which seeks to assist people recently released from prison find secure pathways toward economic independence and avoid future arrest. Diina was instantly charmed by Sora, a one-year-old rescue dog from the SPCA’s Pups at the Pen program who reminded her of another pet she and her family recently had to say goodbye. Their instant connection led them both down an unexpected road: giving Sora both a home and new family for graduation day!

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Diina has received international acclaim for his work as a composer/arranger, conductor, clinician, teacher and author. A past president of Florida ACDA and currently president-designate of National ACDA. His music has been performed across Europe, China and Vietnam and he is considered a leading authority on Negro Spiritual music. Thomas was named after Saint Thomas More – patron saint for adopted children, civil servants, court clerks lawyers stepchildren.

Personal Life

Thomas Diina has been noted as being close with Andrew P Riedell, Carl A Mirabella, Christopher C Willett, Connie Chimento (Connie J Chimento), Douglas D Torre and George J Onions. Known to reside at 42 Tacoma Ave Buffalo NY 191 Darwin Dr Amherst NY and 172 Getzville Road Snyder NY

While on vacation, Diina came across Sora from the SPCA’s Pups at the Pen program; her likeness was undeniable! Diina knew she’d found her ideal companion! Diina adopted Sora as an anniversary present for Diina – her beloved old pal Thomas could see herself everywhere in this special pup! Sora now lives happily ever after with her new family and their love and care is evident! Sora bears no resemblance whatsoever to Thomas!

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