Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison and the Electrical Industry

Lighting can transform a space into an ambiance uniquely your own, and Thomas Electrical Solutions’ residential electrical installation services can help create that feeling.

He stresses his wish to work closely with suppliers like Klein Tools and grow the industry as a whole – an aim which has long been one of his goals.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Edison was born on February 11th 1847 in Milan Ohio to his former teacher mother who taught him some things at home as a boy but mostly left him to self-educate himself and experiment with various mechanical and electrical devices at his own leisure. As an individual and as an inventor he made history.

At 12, he began working as a newsboy on a train that traveled between Port Huron and Detroit. While working, he set up his laboratory in the baggage car and continued conducting his experiments during break times.

He quickly established himself as an expert in telegraphy and made many improvements to the existing system. In 1868 he obtained his first patent for an electric vote recorder; later for Western Union he developed the quadruplex telegraph which enabled multiple messages to be transmitted at once.

Professional Career

Electricians specialize in electrical wiring and installation projects such as service upgrades, power outlet installations, circuit breaker replacements, lighting installations, ceiling fan installations and new construction electrical panel upgrades. Electricians must possess knowledge of both national electrical code as well as any local codes or regulations applicable to each job they undertake.

While completing a four-year college degree can take years, more people are turning to trade school programs and apprenticeships that provide employment-ready skills after training – like Tom Henry’s Learn to be an Electrician course.

The course comprises ten modules, each featuring an engaging DVD to teach electrical theory basics such as Ohm’s Law, safety practices and tools, wiring methods, services motors inspections as well as more. There will also be quizzes and practice exams to test your knowledge.

Achievement and Honors

Over his career, he has completed various commercial and industrial projects such as helipad upgrades, off-grid solar installations and large industrial production sheds. In addition, he works on projects related to fire protection and security systems as well as all aspects of electrical construction work.

He has received multiple honors and awards for his business achievements and community involvement, such as induction into the Rochester Business Hall of Fame, receiving the James H. McGraw award from NECA, Comstock award recognition and Wendt award recognition.

Thomas Edison stands as an outstanding example of how an individual can make an impactful contribution to society, yet ultimately saw his legacy diminished as other engineers with more advanced mathematics and physics training rose to the top of their industry.

Personal Life

He avidly read books on electricity and magnetism. At 14, instead of continuing formal schooling, he apprenticed himself as a blacksmith.

Edison utilized his knowledge of engineering, physics and mathematics to improve upon the electromagnet and create the carbon telephone transmitter, phonograph record player and the Edison dynamo as well as develop the first successful incandescent electric lamp.

Tom Thomas began an electrical contracting business in 1965 under the trade name Thomas Electrician and has been successfully providing his services ever since, working on major extensions at Shellharbour Hotel and Bulli Woonona RSL Club as well as numerous small builders on Mt Warrigal, Kanahooka and Barrack Heights housing estates – not forgetting old customers that refer him on. He still regularly services these areas and welcomes referrals from existing clients and their friends and families.

Net Worth

Thomas Edison left behind a net worth estimated to be $12 Million USD at his death (using real GDP figures from 1931 as a basis). He owned several businesses that continue his legacy within the electrical industry today. Furthermore, Thomas invested heavily in young people through Klein Tools so as to encourage more graduates into joining his trade profession.

He grew up in Southern Oregon and completed his apprenticeship in Seaside before moving to Portland area. Through this wide-ranging experience and work in different regions of Oregon, he gained extensive knowledge about residential electrical work – specifically remodel wiring.

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