Thomas Fagerberg

Thomas Fagerberg specializes in both Criminal Law and Immigration Law and practices his craft in Texas.

He was arrested after his involvement with a drug distribution ring that transported cocaine and methamphetamine throughout central and south Texas.

His current residence is 907 Rio Grande Street Austin Texas 78701. Previously he resided at 268 Gerlene Lane Axton Virginia 24544.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Fagerberg attended Eaton High School and Colorado State University before opening Fagerberg Produce, becoming its owner, serving on the Eaton County Fair board, and living with Kristyn here.

Fagerberg predicted Grace McDonald, an local resident arrested last December on accusations of assaulting a police officer, would likely never come before the courts again due to insufficient evidence provided by the city against her.

Public records reveal that Thomas Fagerberg has been married and living at 907 Rio Grande Street Austin Texas 78701 since January of 2008. Additionally he was associated with 268 Gerlene Lane Axton Virginia 240554 during this timeframe.

Professional Career

Thomas Fagerberg has been practicing law for more than 15 years and specializes in criminal, family, real estate and estate planning matters for clients in Austin area of Texas. His bachelor’s degree comes from University of Texas at Austin while he earned his law degree at University of Oklahoma.

He has been involved in multiple legal cases and won multiple awards. Additionally, he has appeared in various television and film projects, such as the hit movie “The Chronicles of Narnia”.

He and Sue Ann support the arts through volunteering for Kansas City Ballet Guild performances of The Nutcracker boutique sales, and by giving an endowment gift that will guarantee live music at future performances.

Achievement and Honors

Fagerberg has written two books on creativity and connection. His work has received recognition from various organizations such as the National Institute of Mental Health and American Psychological Association.

Public records demonstrate Thomas Fagerberg has lived in various locations around the country, such as Austin, Texas; Axton Virginia; Columbus Georgia, Fortson Montgomery; Naples Florida Hershey Pennsylvania and Harrisburg PA – where his spouse Kristyn T Fagerberg currently resides with their child.

Personal Life

Thomas Fagerberg is a Knight of Columbus member and has volunteered at Kansas City Ballet’s Nutcracker performances as an active volunteer. Together with his wife Sue Ann, Thomas supports arts, education, human needs, historic preservation and historic preservation causes.

His unique artistic and musical abilities were created due to brain injuries sustained from a car accident, prompting his unique abilities in these fields. He has spoken out publicly about his experience and is featured in a documentary called “The Savants.”

He is married to Kristyn Fagerberg, 55. They have lived in multiple places together over their relationship and both are active philanthropists supporting arts, education, human needs and historic preservation causes. Based in Austin Texas now, he also owns a law firm that specializes in criminal and family law matters.

Net Worth

Fagerberg earned the reputation as an attorney who never lost a case until 2011, when Stubb’s Bar-B-Q dropped a 350-pound mechanical arm and camera on him at South by Southwest and filed suit. Subsequently, Fagerberg retired from practicing law.

He now consults and speaks publicly on legal issues for clients such as the Texas Association of School Boards and American Academy of Pediatrics.

Thomas Fagerberg, currently 59 years old and married to Kristyn T Fagerberg with two children from their marriage. They currently reside at 907 Rio Grande Street Austin Texas 78701 but formerly lived at 268 Gerlene Lane Axton Virginia 2454 from 2008 until 2014. Thomas has also resided at 7120 Kings Row Austin TX 78746 during this period.

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