Thomas Finucan

Thomas Finucan, 76, of Cashton, Wis., Passes Away

As they huddled around outdated yearbooks from Summerville high school days, Finucan and his two pals laughed aloud at jokes from long ago. Even at age 76, these three have not lost any of their common ground or sense of humor.

Tom Finucan engaged in unethical medical practices during his medical career by exploiting women he owed a fiduciary duty and professional responsibility towards. This included engaging in inappropriate sexual relationships with numerous adult female patients.

Early Life and Education

Tom Finucan was born and raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He attended Loras College and St Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore before receiving ordination into the Catholic Church from Diocese of La Crosse.

In September 1999, Maryland’s state medical board accused Finucan of engaging in sexual relationships with three of his female patients and conducting sexual encounters between these three and himself. Following an evidentiary hearing over a seven-day period, an Administrative Law Judge determined that Finucan violated Maryland’s Physician Practice Act and ordered that Finucan cease all sexual encounters immediately.

He held positions as director of education for the Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis from 1986-1989 and as president of Viterbo University between 1970-1980; also serving on their board of trustees. Ken Finucan (Marilyn), Mary Lou Cole, Clark Finucan and Debbie Belore survive him along with several nieces and nephews.

Professional Career

Thomas Finucan has over 45 years of experience working in medicine, garnering many accolades throughout his career and being recognized with numerous awards in that time. Additionally, Thomas is very involved in his community and serves as an important leader within his Church.

Viterbo University faculty for several years; is an accomplished writer who has penned multiple books; additionally, many articles of his writing have been published in professional journals.

Finucan submitted to the Court of Special Appeals a brief stating that engaging in sexual relations with current patients does not violate Maryland Medical Practice Act as defined. He referenced Attorney Grievance Commission vs Goldsborough (330 Md 342).

Achievement and Honors

Rev. Thomas Finucan of Viterbo College in La Crosse will deliver the commencement address at Cashton High School’s graduation ceremony on May 27th. Patricia Kay Von Ruden will serve as valedictorian while Duane Amundson will act as salutatorian.

Thomas Finucan has received multiple honors throughout his career, such as the Franciscan Skemp Foundation Sphere of Influence Award, Viterbo Pope John XXIII Award, and Fr. J. Thomas Finucan Mission Exemplar Award. For more information about him or his associates, you can conduct a county record search; this will reveal information such as their residence address, work history history, education level etc. Alternatively, phone number searches can also help uncover important details about them and them or them and others associated with them or associates of Thomas Finucan!

Personal Life

Tom Finucan was an avid sports fan who relished spending time with his family. He leaves behind his wife Judy, daughters Chris and Jamie Finucan as well as stepdaughter Casidy Anderson as well as six grandchildren: Brandon, Connor, Leah Finucan as well as Espen and Kyle Marston and two great-grandchildren.

At their meetings, the men would share stories of their injuries-Tucker was a store owner and town municipal judge; Finucan was a car-hop near Folly Beach who spoke of playing three games while sporting a broken leg; each shared tales about an injury which prevented service in Vietnam.

The court found that Finucan engaged in irreprehensible unprofessional conduct and exploited patients whom he owed a fiduciary duty of trust and responsibility to. His sexual relationships with women undermined that trust that patients must have in their physicians.

Net Worth

Thomas Finucan had at least $120,000 worth of assets that he gave away during his divorce proceedings to his daughter and former partner during their respective settlements. These included his camp lot in Ellsworth, Mustang automobile, tools and stock in family business; in addition, an IRA may have also been distributed as marital or nonmarital property. Thomas is survived by wife Judy; daughters; stepson; six grandchildren as well as being interred at North East Methodist Cemetery of Maryland.

Crouch Funeral Home will be handling arrangements. Visitation will take place on Wednesday, June 1, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

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