Thomas Flamm

Thomas Flamm – Rare Book Expert at Gagosian

Flamm is an expert rare-book dealer at Gagosian who specializes in art and architecture books. His passion for collecting began at an early age.

Before his disappearance, Flamm had sent two letters to both of his grandmother and mother. On July 29, he provided his grandmother with details on his hike around Mont Blanc; three days later on August 1, his last contact was made with his mother who would later report him as missing.

Early Life and Education

Born into a millwright family, Flamm was raised in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood and attended local union meetings as a member. Additionally, he enjoyed woodworking as well as producing wine, sausages and smoking meat products.

He is an internationally-recognized expert on American political history and has taught at Ohio Wesleyan University since 1998. Additionally, he has made contributions to multiple academic journals as well as published numerous books.

He has published three books: How 1954 Changed History (2022), is an active contributor to AHA Perspectives on History and Reviews in American History journals, among others, offers courses such as his signature Modern American History from 1877-present course, has won three teaching awards including Bishop Herbert Welch Meritorious Teaching Award (2012).

Professional Career

Gran noted that while Flamm manages her business on her own, Gran has assisted with some logistics and administrative tasks such as promotions. Furthermore, she assists Flamm in product development by suggesting yarn or pattern ideas.

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Achievement and Honors

Flamm was instrumental in founding the Penn Neurological Institute, coordinating clinical activities between neurosurgery and neurology departments to enhance patient care delivery, while serving as the director of its neurosurgical research laboratories.

Tom Flamm competed in the Men’s Varsity Eight and achieved Second-Place finishes at both Head of the Genesee (10/9) and Braxton Memorial Regatta (11/14). Additionally, he achieved third-Place at National Collegiate Rowing Championships (3/13). Tom is survived by his wife Barbara Bluestone Flamm and son Thomas Flamm; both reside at 155 Hearthside Avenu NW Palm Bay Florida where the family would appreciate donations in his memory – click here to donate securely online.

Personal Life

Searching public records can uncover much information about Thomas Flamm. A phone number search may uncover additional details, such as relatives and aliases; court records and other pertinent facts may also provide more insight.

He was last seen in August 1990 when he went missing during a hiking tour of Western Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc. Shortly before going missing, he wrote letters to both his family and his employer. Local newspaper Der Nurtinger Zeitung reported that he had excellent equipment and was an experienced hiker.

Flamm was an avid artist in his free time, producing leatherworks, sculptures and Chinese calligraphy works. Additionally he enjoyed reading and playing music. Flamm owned WMCA radio station in New York City during its early days of broadcasting before founding ABSIE — precursor of today’s Voice of America service.

Net Worth

Thomas Flamm is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $20 Million and his business interests span a range of real estate investments including RiverPark Business Center and Innovation Pointe Business Park on Kauai, as well as being a partner in Koloa Landing Resort complex on that island.

Flamm is also passionate about politics. He understands the issues surrounding law and order, employing political commercials to convey his point. Additionally, he serves on Weber State University’s National Advisory Board, Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Board Chairmanship as well as Hale Center Theatre’s and Millie Princess Foundation boards of directors.

He currently sits on the boards of CEO Space and Flamm Family Foundation as trustees.

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