Thomas Frederick

Thomas Frederick Frederick

Thomas Frederick Frederick is an instructor at Union Institute & University. He offers classes to undergraduate, Master’s, and Ed.D students while serving as Chairperson of General Education.

Abbeville High School and the University of Southwest Louisiana (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette). He earned a Juris Doctor degree at Paul M. Hebert Law Center of LSU.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Frederick Price was born into a small group of Catholics living in North Carolina during a time when most residents were Protestant. His mother was highly devout, while Thomas himself developed an intense interest in religion which eventually led him down a path leading him toward priesthood.

Early in his childhood, he was separated from his mother and sent to live with Betsey Bailey; she taught him how to read and write, while only seeing his mother briefly before her death in late 1825 or early 1826.

Sophia Auld disapproved of teaching her husband to read. She believed it unsuitable for slaves to become educated, since they may eventually desire freedom. Regardless, he set sail by ship for St. Charles Seminary in Catonsville, Maryland.

Professional Career

Tom has held various academic roles throughout his career. These have included: adjunct professor, part-time faculty member, full-time faculty, Chair of General Education and online courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

He was a dedicated family man who enjoyed camping and boating as well as working on projects around the house and creating special gifts for friends and family members.

He campaigned hard for Minnesota law enforcement training, lobbying hard for POST. Additionally, he helped found the 87th Class of the FBI National Academy and has served on various committees and boards in northwest Minnesota. Cooper and Autumn are his children while Kathy Blohowiak of Virginia is his sister.

Achievement and Honors

Tom, affectionately referred to by many as Moose or Poppy, was beloved figure who enjoyed camping and spending time outdoors with family around a campfire. Additionally, he loved creating one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and neighbors.

In 1870, C.K. and Evelina Thomas lived in a household which comprised their immediate family plus two black farm laborers who lived alongside them. Additionally, this household listed C.K. as landowner.

Father Price’s Cause for Beatification and Canonization was officially inaugurated in 2012 when a diocesan tribunal was formed to conduct formal research into his life, virtues and reputation for sanctity – led by Archbishop Timothy Dolan of Philadelphia – before culminating with his Canonization by Pope Francis.

Personal Life

Thomas Frederick serves as Judge in Louisiana’s 15th Judicial District. He received his undergraduate degree from University of Southwest Louisiana and then completed his juris doctorate from Paul M Hebert Law Center at LSU.

He is married with two children: Tripp and Camille. In his free time he enjoys hiking and camping as well as woodworking to create one-of-a-kind gifts for his friends and family.

At sixteen, Freddie Price confided to Father Mark Gross of his desire for priesthood and arrangements were made for him to enter St. Charles Seminary in Catonsville, Maryland; however, due to a shipwreck on his journey he did not arrive until January 1877 – where one of his classmates at that time, William O’Connell (later Cardinal Archbishop of Boston), became one of his classmates at St. Charles Seminary.

Net Worth

Thomas Frederick has an estimated net worth of $3.67 Million and currently serves as District Judge of Vermilion Parish’s 15th Judicial District Court, Division C in Louisiana. Elected to this position in 2020 and elected again for an initial three year term ending 2026, Thomas received both his Bachelor’s Degree (now University of Lafayette) and Law Degree from Paul M. Hebert Law Center at LSU.

He is an experienced multi-exit entrepreneur with experience in document and technology companies like Zeno Office Solutions (acquired by Xerox) and Zeno Imaging. Additionally, he is active as an investor in Florida and Texas commercial real estate markets. Married to Caitlyn and father to Tripp and Landon.

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