Thomas Freezers

Thomas Freezers, a Chicago Trial Lawyer

Chest freezers offer a simple and cost-effective solution for those in need of extra space for frozen foods, making them a versatile appliance with many uses. Operating one is straightforward and can even be used as extra seating at dining tables!

Upright freezers resemble home refrigerators in that they feature one or two outside doors and three to seven shelves for food storage. While upright freezers require less floor space than chest freezers, more cold air escapes each time the door is opened and less cold air remains locked inside the compartment.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was born and raised in Vermont as part of a poor family. At 14 years old he apprenticed with a blacksmith for seven years while learning to read during this period and studying science during his free time.

His curiosity with electricity led him to purchase and dissect a magnet; upon finding that its insulation consisted of silk fabric, he used his wife’s wedding dress as insulation in his own electromagnet.

Thomas Freezers developed several vaccines requiring ultra-cold chain (UCC) storage, something not all countries can afford to have readily available. As such, Thomas Freezers is actively organizing and providing UCC freezers to these countries.

Professional Career

Thomas Freezers is an esteemed lawyer, widely recognized for his experience handling personal injury, aviation accident and corporate matters. In 2015 Lawdragon honored Thomas as “Dean of the Chicago Trial Bar” and named him one of their “Legends of the Bar”, alongside prominent legal luminaries like Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

The Thomas Agency currently pays its employees an annual estimated range of wages between $61,988 and $78,195 based on data compiled from other similar companies’ salary reports.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas was raised as a native New Mexican, so her passion lies with cooking. She keeps an endless supply of roasted green chile in the freezer, and no holiday celebration would be complete without posole or tamales being part of it! Thomas and her husband also love hiking at Forest Park and Hoyt Arboretum.

Lawdragon magazine honored her as a Legend of the Bar and featured her in its 2021 issue along with other notable honorees like U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. Additionally, she holds memberships at both Chicago Bar Association and American College of Trial Lawyers/International Academy of Trial Lawyers.

Thomas also sponsors the Decorah 8th grade mock trial competition and its team consists of students June Breitenbach-Dirks, Elsa Christman, Mikayla Hiner, Klara Kelly Caden Malanaphy and Mack McElree.

Personal Life

Thomas was an innovator who created frozen-meals-on-a-tray as well as being a mother to four children, including Janiya who mysteriously vanished and died in 2015. Thomas passed away at an advanced age.

Early 2014: Investigations reveal an increasing pattern of abuse between Thomas and her children, and child welfare officials. For best results they suggest anger management training as a solution.

On Oct. 5, relatives in Bradenton received the freezer Thomas had brought over and discovered Janiya’s body inside, according to Racky. After breaking a lock on the freezer they made this grisly discovery; an autopsy confirmed it as being hers; she had been starved and bound. A grand jury eventually charged Thomas with her murder and she has since received both time served and 20-year prison terms, in addition to being found guilty of child abuse against her own son.

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