Thomas Holman

Thomas Holman

Thomas Holman is an attorney based in New York who has practiced law since the 1980s. Specializing in securities fraud and business litigation matters, as well as lecturing at attorneys’ continuing education seminars on litigation issues, Thomas has amassed extensive experience.

He is also a member of the New York State Bar Association and has held positions on multiple community boards.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Holman was raised in Gwinear, Cornwall. Leaving school early at 12, he started work in copper mines where there was little hope of advancement – this prompted him to travel across the Atlantic in search of better prospects in America.

Prior to enlisting, he attended Morris Brown College in Atlanta before showing remarkable leadership abilities while serving with the US Army – eventually being promoted to Lieutenant. Following retirement, he pursued further study at University of Southern California.

Holman Medical Center at Oregon Humane Society. Through his generosity, his friends and family remember him as someone who exemplified caring and compassion towards all. We will miss him greatly.

Professional Career

As a lawyer, Holman specializes in New York and New Jersey business litigation at both trial and appellate levels, including securities fraud litigation, investment fraud schemes involving the purchase or sale of stocks or securities, class actions, consumer fraud actions, breach of contract litigations, declaratory judgment proceedings and emergency commercial litigations, federal whistleblower protection litigations as well as noncompete litigations.

His generosity and devotion to animal welfare paved the way for Oregon Humane Society’s Holman Medical Center to open, providing care to thousands of shelter pets each year. Additionally, he was active within his local community.

He served on Manhattan Community Board 6 for 10 years in various capacities and was an active Red Cross donor, as well as being part of several fraternal organizations in different capacities.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Holman is widely celebrated for creating the groundbreaking THX (Tom Holman Xperimental) audio system used in cinemas worldwide. This singular achievement has had an enormous impact on how we experience films and other forms of media in theaters, production facilities, homes and mobile devices alike.

He lectures at attorneys’ continuing education seminars on litigation issues and is a member of both the New York Bar and Association of the Bar of the City of New York. Additionally, he served on the Manhattan Community Board and chaired both its Housing and Public Safety Committees.

He serves as part-time professor in USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering and cinema-television school; principal investigator with IMSC. In his writing career he has published Sound for Film and Television as well as co-authored 5.1 Surround Sound Up and Running alongside Paul Vogel.

Personal Life

Thomas Holman was an individual of many talents. Aside from being a prominent business lawyer in New York City, he also had an acute mind and was an avid reader. Always willing to lend assistance when needed, Thomas was highly esteemed among his colleagues and was greatly respected by all who met him.

He was an extraordinary human being; kind and considerate towards both family and friends alike, as well as an example to those he inspired – showing them how to be selfless and generous with their time and resources.

On March 15, 1877 at age 22, Thomas Holman married Ester H. Horn in Missouri and together had eight children: Harvey Joe Holman, Billy Ray Holman and six more siblings. Thomas died on September 25, 1992 in Oklahoma and was interred at his burial place nearby.

Net Worth

Tom Holman was a practicing attorney based out of Asheville, NC who specialized in litigation before both state and federal courts in Western North Carolina as well as nationwide. Additionally, he assisted clients to avoid litigation altogether by helping prevent legal disputes before they reached court and helping resolve them preemptively.

He has represented high-profile clients such as a former president, governor and senator. Additionally, he holds membership with Fraternal Order of Eagles as well as serving as Red Cross volunteer and first aid instructor.

He leaves behind his beloved wife, Tovi; daughters Karianne and Erin; son Jarod; granddaughter Avery Claire and numerous nieces and nephews. He was an adored husband, father and grandfather who enjoyed shopping until exhaustion with his daughter Karianne or cheering for his toddler grandon at basketball games.

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