Thomas Houck

Thomas Houck is a Civil Rights Activist and Radio Host

Thomas Houck accepted that his wife could no longer bear her physical and mental suffering, becoming increasingly isolated from family events. To help her end her life last summer he assisted with the process and now faces criminal charges for helping.

At the court, he became known for issuing distinct dissenting or concurring opinions that represented conservative positions on landmark constitutional cases. Furthermore, he rarely asked questions during oral arguments.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Houck was raised in Savannah, Georgia and attended all-Black Roman Catholic schools. Throughout his school experience he battled prejudice on account of his dark skin tone and Geechee (Georgia) heritage. Houck credits his primary-school teachers with helping to inspire him towards success.

After graduating high school, he traveled to Florida for a civil rights protest and was arrested. Later that month he flew back home and began working at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference before later volunteering his services as Dr. King’s volunteer driver.

During this period, he supported Maynard Jackson and Andrew Young alongside John Lewis while helping promote legislation lowering voting age. Additionally, he served as radio host and columnist for Atlanta magazine and Creative Loafing as well as being public affairs specialist at Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Professional Career

Houck was initially active as a civil rights activist and political organizer for Hosea Williams and Martin Luther King Jr, before transitioning into journalism and radio hosting roles on Newsradio WGST from 1980 to 1991 and contributing columns to Atlanta Magazine.

Thomas was generally considered a centrist judge on the Supreme Court, although he wrote some dissenting opinions and rarely asked questions during oral arguments – something which some critics saw as evidence of disengagement and close-mindedness on his part.

His wife Sienna and him have long been active supporters of children’s charities, from cancer research and treatment to early learning programs. They founded the CC Houck Memorial Foundation in 2016 in order to offer scholarships for kids attending the same preschool where CC used to go; additionally they have contributed financially and volunteering their time towards many other children’s hospitals and organizations.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Houck was an advocate for civil and human rights. Upon leaving high school he joined the Southern Christian Leadership Conference under Hosea Williams’ tutelage, becoming one of the King family’s personal drivers and organizers. Houck became involved with numerous demonstrations and marches as well as being lead plaintiff in an Alabama jail desegregation case; additionally he served as commentator on WGST Radio.

NASA awarded him two Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medals for his innovative infrared spectrograph for their Spitzer Space Telescope, which enabled scientists to detect previously unseen galaxies and cosmic dust. His efforts led them to two of these groundbreaking achievements.

He is the devoted father to Thomas and Diane Reed and grandfather to Richard, Zachary, Justin, Kyrstin and Alivia; also leaving many nieces and nephews who will miss him dearly.

Personal Life

Tom Houck left high school at 19 to join the civil rights movement. After visiting Florida to meet members of SNCC and SCLC, and later Alabama for Selma-Montgomery march he decided not to pursue college studies but stay involved with civil rights work instead.

Once in Atlanta, he took up employment with King’s organization – the Southern Christian Leadership Conference – chauffeuring King and his family around town before gradually beginning to assist Hosea Williams by organizing marches and protests; ultimately filing a lawsuit against Jefferson County jails that resulted in their desegregation.

Later he worked on political campaigns for Maynard Jackson, Andrew Young and Zell Miller and was also a frequent contributor to WGST radio and Georgia Gang magazine.

Net Worth

Tom Houck is an experienced business, tax and estate planner with expertise in working with sales- and service-oriented businesses as well as restaurants, law firms, manufacturing companies, technology businesses and construction projects as well as high net worth individuals.

He is also the founder of a men’s faith formation apostolate, pro-life activist, and self-described former porn addict whose candid testimonies have provided the basis for a national teen chastity ministry. With extensive knowledge in federal, state, and local taxes as well as individual and business income taxation.

The FBI has conducted multiple searches of his farm, home he built himself and storage units on multiple occasions, searching for any evidence linking him to her disappearance and murder charge. Meanwhile, members of his community are eagerly waiting for answers.

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