Thomas Hurst

Thomas Hurst – Famous Person With a Net Worth of $1-5 Million

Tom Hurst is an award-winning photojournalist turned inventor and entrepreneur. He founded COVR LLC and developed its COVR Photo Lens iPhone case that lets users capture pictures in new ways.

His research is focused on Franciscan Mission Santa Catalina de Guale (1620-1680). To uncover significant architectural features, his team uses remote sensing technologies.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Hurst was an extraordinary leader and gentle soul. A lifelong student and avid golfer, Thomas left behind many loving family members and friends that will miss him greatly.

After graduating school he began freelancing as a photographer, traveling widely and covering world events – such as Bosnia’s civil war where he won two World Press Awards. This led to him accepting a job with The Boston Globe’s staff photographer before transitioning to Seattle Times two years later.

Thomas was an active supporter of local and national charities and organizations involving children. Together with his wife Betty, he often donated time and services through local volunteering programs. Thomas served on both Moore County Children’s Foundation’s Board of Directors as well as being chairman of its Chamber of Commerce.

Professional Career

Hurst has over two decades of professional drummer and ethnomusicology experience. He has collaborated with an impressive variety of national recording artists such as Backstreet Boys, Gary Allan, Wang Chung, James Otto Lee Brice Bucky Covington Damon Johnson of Alice Cooper/Brother Cain and Sister Hazel among many others.

Hurst serves as Director of the Law Library at STU and oversees a staff of librarians and support specialists providing resources and facilities to students, faculty and support specialists at the university. He teaches legal research courses as well as providing advice and guidance to those writing law review comments.

Hurst has contributed extensively to academic journals and conferences. Most recently he co-edited an IGI Global book on incorporating study abroad programs into graduate adult learning curriculums.

Achievement and Honors

Hurst was an advocate of many social issues, such as equal pay for women and the right of women to keep their maiden name after marriage. She was active in the Harlem Renaissance and befriended writers like Zora Neale Hurston; additionally she supported New Deal policies and labor. From 1936-37 she served as chairperson of National Housing Commission before going on to chair Committee for Workmen’s Compensations Compensation in 1940.

Hurst is an esteemed educator and researcher, having won multiple awards for her contributions. Her scholarship and leadership abilities have had an enormous impact on many students and librarians alike, publishing many publications as an author or editor as well as serving on boards like Missouri Farm Bureau and Knights of Columbus.

Personal Life

Hurst was an active supporter of social justice organizations and causes, such as feminism and African-American civil rights. She was an intimate friend of Eleanor Roosevelt and served on committees associated with Works Progress Administration projects.

She wrote extensively on issues affecting women, such as poverty and gender discrimination. Unfortunately, however, some critics have charged her writing with using stereotypes such as Cad, Egotist, or Golden-Hearted Whore to depict certain characters in her stories.

Hurst was born on a coastal farm near Jacksonville, North Carolina. She attended North Carolina State University before serving in World War II in the U.S. Army. Afterward, she studied music at Juilliard in New York and later relocated to Rome to pursue operatic singing career opportunities before she eventually gave up her musical ambitions and transitioned into banker position in international department of a large New York company.

Net Worth

Tom Hurst, known for his political success and earning a net worth between $1-5 Million through politics in Jefferson City. At 53 years old he remains active.

Hurst owns a single-family home at 756 Thomas Avenue in Anderson that features 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom built in 1958, according to Trulia it currently estimated value is $220,800.

Hurst receives a total salary of $1,910,090 at Perdoceo Education and has made over nine trades of PRDO stock since 2016. On August 17, 2023 he exercised 30,000 units worth $163,500 which were then sold off. Furthermore, he holds other investments while remaining private about his personal life.

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