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Interviewing Thomas Ivy, CEO of CVP Systems and RapidPak

Thomas Ivy brings extensive food packaging/automatic loading experience to Middleby. In his role at Drake he will also oversee CVP Systems and RapidPak as part of their growth within Middleby Group. Thomas has made it his goal to grow these brands together within Middleby.

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Early Life and Education

Thomas discussed various topics during his presentation, from law school advice (such as condensing materials to one note card until you fully grasp them) to his philosophies on life. Additionally, a four-student panel selected by a faculty committee asked questions of Thomas.

Outside his private practice, Mr. Pike has served on numerous boards such as Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation and New York State Board of Education, as well as being a member of the Rockefeller Foundation-funded Study Commission on U.S. Policy toward South Africa. Additionally, he has donated his time and services to numerous community organizations; founding and being president of Kokomo Lions Club; co-founding member of Grissom Community Council; contributing to several charitable foundations; among others.

Professional Career

Thomas Ivy is an accomplished businessman, philanthropist and lawyer. He serves as chairman or member of various public and private boards of directors including CBS Inc, Avaya, Cummins Engine Co and Lucent Technologies – while being appointed chairman of Study Commission on United States Policy Toward Southern Africa (SCUSA).

He earned a scholarship to Harvard, which fundamentally altered his life’s course. Since becoming part of Ivy League community, he has made many friends through it.

He takes great pride in having founded Friends of Harvard Basketball and convinced Harvard to hire Coach Tommy Amaker as its head coach, supporting their efforts without expecting anything in return; which have paid off: they have won five consecutive Ivy League Championships as a result of his efforts.

Achievement and Honors

Though she specializes in health care, she has also participated in other projects and boards. Her philanthropic efforts include chairing United Way of Central Iowa’s annual campaign and co-chairing Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity’s capital campaign; additionally, she volunteers at Ivy College of Business as a Business Learning Teams mentor, finance tutor, and member of their MBA Case Competition planning committee.

At Harvard’s Blodgett Pool, Thomas displayed no outward signs of tension or frustration as she won three freestyle distance races – yet outside its walls her pursuit for success in NCAA women’s swimming has become mired in controversy and backlash that she has yet to respond to.

Personal Life

Thomas Ivy serves as Executive Director of Ivy Tech’s Statewide Grants Office. His duties include aligning grant requests and awards with Ivy Tech’s strategic plan, improving communications between faculty and administration, and streamlining grant requests and reviews processes.

He currently sits on the Evangelical Theological Seminary Board of Trustees and numerous church boards, while also co-founding an organization dedicated to children and youth development.

He is the eldest of three siblings and currently resides in Chidester, Arkansas with his wife and their daughters Tanya and Kiasha Ivy Bigby, in addition to six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Bigby currently holds positions as president for CVP Systems and RapidPak; having graduated from University of Texas Austin.

Net Worth

Ivy has worked tirelessly to establish her career in real estate while raising her daughter. By prioritizing client needs and expectations first, she has designed an unparalleled business model which offers them outstanding services coupled with honesty in every transaction.

Since 2020, she has conducted nine trades of BB stock and exercised 6,226 units worth $1,192,494. Currently she earns an annual salary of $2 Million.

Clarence Thomas is a justice on the Supreme Court of the United States whose net worth has been estimated to be around $32 million. He has become known for purchasing middle-sized companies at bargain prices before flipping them for huge gains; other ventures he has pursued include philanthropy efforts and activism on civil rights issues.

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