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Thomas De Keyser

Thomas de Keyser was an outstanding portrait and figure painter prior to Rembrandt, and his works can be found at many prominent galleries such as Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and Royal Palace among others.

Tom Keyser may have experienced difficulty in the past, but his future looks bright. As founding dean of Illinois State University’s College of Engineering he hopes to grow its programs.

Early Life and Education

As a student, Keyser had no intention of drinking or using drugs; however, over time he became dependent on both alcohol and cocaine, eventually being arrested for possession in 1984 and sentenced by the judge to community service by building Old Blanco Park baseball field in Port Aransas as part of his community service requirement.

His work was heavily influenced by Rembrandt. His portraiture is lively and expressive, with elegant composition and a rich chiaroscuro effect. He frequently painted group portraits like The Four Amsterdam Burgomasters assembled to welcome Marie de Medici as well as paintings depicting historical subjects.

David Stoten later replaced him. Additionally, he wrote for various children’s animated shows including Angelina Ballerina, Tractor Tom, Spot and Poppy Cat.

Professional Career

Keyser earned his law degree, then began practicing family and criminal law for Oliver Heard’s firm before beginning to party with teammates before eventually trying cocaine for himself – prompting federal agents to catch up to him and arrest him.

Illinois State University recently appointed Stephen Keyser as dean of its newly created College of Engineering, where his duties will include workforce development, student success and diversifying the field.

He brings experience in research, teaching and leadership into his new position. Prior to this he served as Chair and Professor of Industrial and Engineering Management at Western New England University; additionally held faculty positions at Ohio University, University of Southern Colorado and Clemson University – receiving multiple grant awards and leading ABET accreditation evaluations.

Achievement and Honors

Keyser was actively engaged in community service from his start of career. He served on both the DeLand Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and was an initial member of West Volusia County Industrial Board. Furthermore, Keyser founded DeLand Business School Foundation Inc and its Board.

He also served as a trustee of DeLand Academy.

In 1989, he was honored to receive the Keyser High School Legion of Honor award and later served on its Advisory Board and as an Academy of Distinguished Alumni member at West Virginia University’s Aerospace Engineering Department Academy of Distinguished Alumni Academy. Additionally, he participated in several Knight-Ridder management programs, two newspaper-management courses offered through American Press Institute, as well as one marketing course sponsored by Harvard University.

Personal Life

Keyser is an avid sports fan and frequently attends Calgary Herald events. He enjoys reading and has amassed an extensive library. In his free time he enjoys traveling and honing his writing skills – both things which keep him engaged!

He was best-known for his portraiture and historical and mythological paintings. One such historical image he completed is of four Amsterdam burgomasters assembled at Mauritshuis to welcome Marie de Medici at her arrival. His style of fine brushwork and Rembrandtesque chiaroscuro can be found both at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York City where his works reside in their permanent collections.

He currently serves as Dean of Oregon Institute of Technology’s College of Engineering, Technology and Management and oversees six academic departments, 14 undergraduate degree programs, four graduate degree programs, two research centers, as well as having held chair and professor roles at Western New England University.

Net Worth

Keyser drove his $20,000 Porsche into the Gulf near Port Aransas after an extended night of partying in 1984. Unfortunately, leaving it too close to shore caused its destruction by high tide; Keyser had been driving with teammates and had recently started using cocaine.

Keyser expected that by exercising his Option Shares, his own shares as well as those owned by his allies would constitute more than fifty percent of Ark’s outstanding common stock and thus they could execute a shareholder consent electing a new Board.

Keyser was driven primarily by his desire to benefit himself rather than concern for the Company, therefore failing to meet either the common fund or corporate benefit doctrine requirements for an award of attorneys’ fees.

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