Thomas Kingshott

Thomas Kingshott – Founder at Ferari Group

Thomas Kingshott has over two decades of experience working in Venture Capital & Private Equity. With an outstanding career track record that boasts many successful projects to his name.

William Kingshott was born in Treyford, Sussex on 22nd September 1866 to an agricultural labourer father who was one of numerous agricultural labourers working in Treyford at that time.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Kingshott was born in Treyford in Sussex, England on the 22nd September 1866 and followed in the footsteps of his older brother William to become an agricultural labourer like most members of his family.

Like his brother, Kiziah Langridge made the decision to travel in search of better life opportunities and immigrated with her to Canada on the SS Circassian. Unfortunately, she passed away 27 January 1931 in McCreary Manitoba.

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Professional Career

Thomas Kingshott is one of the founding members of Ferari Group. With several years of experience working in this industry and holding a Bachelors in Political Science degree from Georgetown University. Additionally, Thomas boasts seven years of professional expertise in politics, public policy and development issues.

He has worked on projects such as Wellspring, Reactail and Axis. Furthermore, he is highly knowledgeable of financial markets as well as merger and acquisition deals.

Hitchcock made his way through Blackburn Rovers youth system before entering their academy in 2007. He is the son of former Chelsea goalkeeper Kevin Hitchcock and also played in their reserve team. Additionally, Hitchcock works at Real Bedford FC as goalkeeping coach alongside his father – they enjoy an extremely close and beneficial working relationship at Real Bedford FC.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Kingshott has garnered many honors during his academic career. In 2010, he won the Paula and Tony Kinnane Art History Scholarship; subsequent year he received Edward King Award; in addition, Biosciences Federation Science Communication Award was also granted.

In 2011, he was honored as an ASPE Fellow of Excellence for his tireless volunteer hours and leadership roles that had an enormous impact on assisting the Society’s success. Additionally, he served as member of both its Ethics Committee and Board of Directors.

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Personal Life

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William followed in his brother’s footsteps and immigrated to Canada as well. Serving with the Royal Canadian Navy and serving in World War One was part of their experience together.

John Kingshott was born at Greatham, Hampshire. At 35 years old he worked as a farm labourer, boasting dark skin tone with black hair and grey eyes; and being capable of reading. For theft involving loaves of bread, cheese and beer he was sentenced to life transportation on 9 February 1831 aboard Hulk York before later being pardoned on 6 April 1838.

Net Worth

Thomas Kingshott currently works as a Senior Associate at Wellspring, an influential venture capital firm. Prior to that he served as an Analyst with UBS’ M&A group where he participated in multiple buy-side and sell-side transactions focused on Healthcare, Industrials, Real Estate sectors. From 1987-1992 Kingshott was also active playing Minor County cricket for Norfolk between 1987 and 1992 – 50 Minor Counties Championship matches and 11 MCCA Knockout Trophy games plus 2 List A appearances!

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