Thomas Lovett

Thomas Lovett has had an extensive artistic and musical career. He has taught music at both college level as well as middle and secondary school levels. Additionally, he played professionally with both Oklahoma University Symphony Orchestra as well as Tennessee University Symphonia Orchestras.

Tom Lovett has long been an outspoken supporter of independent schools in Vermont. He was instrumental in maintaining St Johnsbury Academy’s independence and spreading the legacy of independent schools across Vermont.

Early Life and Education

Tom Lovett was deeply dedicated to teaching and coaching throughout his life. Additionally, he served the Sebring community and cheered on Georgia Bulldogs – but most importantly family was at the core of his existence.

His uncle John G. Lovett had an enormous influence on him; as an independent businessperson and politician in Marshall County politics for fifty-plus years he played a crucial role in Olive, Unity and Bishop Mills governance.

He held various posts within Marshall County including Magistrate for its First District as well as being on its Board of Commissioners and Kentucky State Bar Association memberships. Furthermore, he owned over two hundred acres in Olive.

Professional Career

Lovett has served as a member of the State Bar of Georgia since 1999, and is admitted to practice before both the U.S. District Court for Georgia Middle District, and Court of Appeals 11th Circuit. He has experience handling a range of corporate and securities matters such as public/private offerings, mergers/acquisitions and representing investment bankers/broker-dealers.

In 1887 he signed with Bridgeport of the Eastern League where he quickly emerged as their best pitcher and enjoyed an exceptional year. But as spring brought speculation of arm damage, and following it the Giants sold him to Brooklyn of the American Association where he enjoyed another excellent campaign and won their pennant in 1890.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Lovett enjoyed an extensive and successful artistic and musical career. He taught violin at college level as well as Middle and High school music education programs; was Graduate Violin Assistant at both Oklahoma and Tennessee universities where he won Concerto Competitions; as well as teaching privately in South Dakota.

His life was dedicated to serving others and furthering education, from advocating for women returning to work after having children to writing several educational journal articles and co-authoring a textbook on social studies for teachers. When not at work or writing articles he loved traveling and being outdoors. He leaves behind his wife and family. Calling hours will take place at Lord Funeral Home Wolfeboro from 5 pm until 7 pm on Friday February 26th 2021.

Personal Life

Thomas Lovett led an abundant personal and family life. Married and the father of two, he defended St. Johnsbury Academy with great zeal; thus helping preserve independent school structures across Vermont.

Lovett took great delight in music and the arts, performing violin with both Oklahoma State University Symphony Orchestras as well as Tennessee University Symphony Orchestra.

He attended Hillsdale College where he earned an MBA. Lovett became one of the most well-known and esteemed businesspeople during his lifetime; owning multiple marinas, boat pump businesses and real estate properties in Longport and Egg Harbor Township.

Net Worth

Gena C Lovett currently possesses an estimated net worth of approximately $164 Thousand dollars, serving as Independent Director at Shiloh Industries and making over one trade for SHLO stock within the last 0 days – selling 19,700 units on 13 June 2023 for more than $147,000947.

She holds a Bachelor’s of Biology from the University of Virginia and has been admitted to practice law in both Georgia and Florida; her primary area of practice being corporate and securities law.

She not only practices law, but is also an accomplished singer. She has performed in musicals like Sweeney Todd and has an avid passion for music education – currently teaching vocal students at Red Oak High School.

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