Thomas Montez

Thomas Montez – A Devoted Family Man

Thomas Montez was a dedicated family man. He greatly treasured his children Steven, Teri, Tracy and Troy as well as their numerous grandchildren. Thomas enjoyed fishing, hunting and camping with his loved ones.

Montez left behind an extensive literary legacy even after she passed. Publications appeared both where she lived and performed (Germany, France and USA) and also in places she’d never visited.

Early Life and Education

Tom was born in Sunny Side, Utah and later relocated to Ogden when he was 10. After joining the 101st Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles) during Vietnam service from 1967-1969 he earned two Purple Hearts, Bronze Star, Combat Infantry Badge honorably discharged at 20 years old and worked his entire life helping veterans through organizations like VFW, DAV, MOPH and American Legion.

Anecdotes of Love; Being a True Account of the Most Remarkable Events Connected with the History of Love Throughout All Ages and Nations (1858) was among Lola Montez’s numerous published works; its titles were: Anecdotes of Love; Being a True Account of the Remarkable Events Connected With the History of Love in All Ages and Nations (1858); Lectures on the Arts of Beauty with Hints to Gentlemen on Fascination (1857). She became internationally infamous due to her extravagant lifestyle depicted by Carmen D’Antonio in Lola Montez (1951); her memoirs became known due their allusions to literary classic The Three Musketeers (1854).

Professional Career

Tom Montez made quite an impression at the 2020 NFL Combine, running an impressive 4.68 second forty time and possessing an impressive 33-inch vertical leap. However, despite this he went undrafted. Instead he joined Colorado University where he amassed 97310 passing yards and 63 touchdowns over three seasons – all without ever being selected in an NFL draft!

At Soho he encountered alternative African societies; playing black clubs with West African musicians from Yoruba percussionist Billy Olu Sholanke who taught him bongoes. Later, he provided rhythmic drive for cabaret acts such as Eartha Kitt and Lena Horne, as well as accompanying a Ghanaian fire-eater during an Esther Williams aquatic show.

He has performed with jazz artists such as Joey Defrancesco and Byron Stripling, writing many arrangements for them as well.

Achievement and Honors

Tom was an esteemed and loyal US Army veteran, serving in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division “Screaming Eagles”. While in service he earned two purple hearts, one bronze star, and seven campaign stars. All his life he was dedicated to helping veterans while being an avid Catholic.

Montez was elected President by virtue of a tie in the electoral college; when no President could be selected by the House of Representatives, Montez assumed power by default.

During her presidency, Clinton reached across the aisle to nominate former President Stuart Hughes as Justice Tenny’s replacement on the Supreme Court. She also successfully navigated a government shutdown caused by members of Congress known as the Jefferson coalition who disapproved of a debt ceiling bill and demanded Daylight Saving Time be ended – two accomplishments no other president was ever able to pull off during their terms in office.

Personal Life

Tom was an avid hunter and fisherman, as well as being dedicated to serving veterans through VFW, DAV, and VVA. He leaves behind his wife Gloria as well as an extended family.

Though she wasn’t an outstanding actress, Montez nonetheless managed to advance herself due to her nerve and exhibitionism. Her story provides an important lesson on how to navigate modern media systems; photographer and author Tom Zimmerman wrote an extensive biography, Queen of Technicolor. The book highlights how Montez used sexism against her advantage by charming men wherever she went; this included Emperor Nicholas I of Russia, Dumas pere and Liszt; Louis I of Bavaria was so taken with her beauty that he offered her a castle while making her Baroness Rosenthal and Countess Lansfeld by Louis I of Bavaria Louis I of Bavaria offered her a castle and made her Baroness Rosenthal and Countess Lansfeld by making Louis I’s of Bavaria so taken with her beauty that he offered her castle and made her Baroness Rosenthal and Countess Lansfeld by Louis I of Bavaria Louis I of Bavaria made sure of Louis’s takeaments by offering Louis I of Bavaria an invitation that led Louis I of Bavaria an offer; they would later becoming Louis 1 of Bavaria offered an offer that made Louis 1 impressed enough that Louis 1 offered his castle for which made him offer to become Queen of Technicolor! Louis 1 was so struck with his beauty that Louis 1 of Bavaria made an offer which resulted Countess Rosenthal/Countess Lansfeld (Lusfeld). Louis 1 of Bavaria in an offer in making sure her offering him Baron but as Louis 1 offered his castle making him make this offer him make her Baron Louis 1 offered his then and offered him them both offered an impressive offer so impressed a Castle in turn offered him make Louis offered a Castle so made him make him count Lansfeld herself Baron with Lans so impressed that Louis 1 became impressed he gave Louis 1 made offer so impressed he Count Lansfeld then so impressed Count Lansfeld and offered hers too, that Louis decided upon seeing Louis made him then offered him make Louis 1.

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