Thomas Mullins

Thomas Mullins

Thomas Mullins has been operating as a professional trainer in Ireland for over ten years and continues to enjoy success.

He is best-known for his achievements in national hunt racing, but also boasts an extensive list of winners across different disciplines.

Early Life and Education

Tom made sure he managed to squeeze considerable schooling into his busy life in Granbury and was also an ardent supporter of his family, helping keep costs under control while those older than himself married or moved away.

Hood County became well known for his cattleman skills. He would bring herds of longhorns from the west into town; one writer recalls seeing he and his father bring in such herds around 1901 or 1902.

Thomas leaves behind his wife, Betty; children Deanna Hardbarger and Tommy Mullins (both from Hulbert, Oklahoma); five grandchildren; brother Jim Smith with wife Donna of Texas and sister Florene Brumley from Florida – as well as numerous nieces and nephews. If you would like to honor his memory by planting a tree please visit Sympathy Store.

Professional Career

Tom Mullins is an Associate Professor of Sales at Clemson University where he serves as Director of their Sales Innovation Program and also offers courses in Professional Selling, Applied Selling and Sales Leadership to both undergraduates and MBAs.

He has served on various community boards and is a member of EQUIP – John Maxwell’s organization that assists leaders in building transformation movements within their nations – as well as being appointed as an Advisory Board member by Global Teen Challenge, an international non-profit that assists young people overcome life-controlling addictions.

His years with Pixar as a Directing Animator on films such as Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille and Cars have enabled him to become an expert in his field. Known for being extremely hardworking and dedicated to his profession.

Achievement and Honors

Father Mullins received four military medals, including the Military Cross (a framed version is shown above). Additionally, Pope Leo Xlll bestowed upon him the Jerusalem Pilgrim’s Cross of Honour which recognizes those pilgrims to the Holy Land who demonstrate exceptional merit.

Mullins remains in business despite increasing difficulty for trainers to secure National Hunt horses for purchase and victory, citing his belief that influential backers would do much more for the sport by diversifying beyond a select few trainers when making horse investments.

Personal Life

Tom was an incomparable source of knowledge on an impressive spectrum of subjects. Driven by an intense curiosity, he traveled widely while amassing an abundance of colorful acquaintances along his travels.

Tom loved spending time with his family: Zina, James and Thomas Mullins; JoAnn Kessler as his daughter-in-law; his grandchildren whom he greatly cherished; as well as children and families at Place of Hope who held special significance to him.

Reverend Mullins joined the Lick Fork Primitive Baptist Church prior to 1778 [10], remaining a pastor until his death in 1816 [11. He may have had brothers as executors; these include David Lawson and John Cole]. [11]

Net Worth

Mullins amassed his fortune by building two plumbing firms from scratch and becoming known as the first millionaire plumber in Britain. Additionally, he served as business advisor to David Cameron and George Osborne; receiving an OBE for his outstanding services to industry.

Mullins lives with his wife and has children that share his last name. He is known for providing exceptional treatment to his staff members and being exceptionally generous, often organizing fundraisers for local causes.

He uses both scheduled flights and his private jet for his travel needs, owns several cars – including a Bentley that he keeps in Spain – has an excellent relationship with his family, and lives a full and contented life.

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