Thomas Needham

Thomas Needham

Thomas Needham is a professional artist whose works have been showcased in corporate brochures and sports publications, in addition to being collected for private and public collections.

As a Partner at Broadview Ventures and Board Member for Merrimack Pharmaceuticals and C4 Therapeutics. He previously had over 25 years of experience investing in healthcare venture capital funds.

Early Life and Education

Many parents worry about how gifted children will use their talents to earn a living, yet Needham never wavered from his desire to explore his art as something he enjoyed and pursued – from drawing Roy Rogers and Davey Crocket in elementary school up through college!

He then continued his education, graduating college with a degree in advertising illustration. Shortly before his final semester ended he was drafted into the Army and completed basic training – being pleased to discover that his artistic talents would actually prove quite helpful in military service.

He would become best-known for his illustrations of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends by Wilbert Vere Awdry; these books have captured generations of children’s imaginations.

Professional Career

Tom Needham has become known for his passionate depictions of sports figures such as Joe Theismann, Joe DiMaggio and Wayne Gretzky – producing original paintings and lithographs for them among many other national athletes.

Needham currently holds Board roles at Kantum Bio and Constant Pharmaceuticals as well as Board Observer positions with Cardero Therapeutics and Nido Surgical. Prior to that he served as founding Managing Director of Synthesis Capital where he managed healthcare and pharmaceutical venture funds in New York and Boston.

Tom oversaw all aspects of the firm’s investments, such as screening opportunities, due diligence review, negotiation of deal structures and portfolio company board involvement. Tom brings with him over 25 years of venture capital and business development experience – including having served as President & CEO of Merrimack Pharmaceuticals and Senior Vice President-Business Development for C4 Therapeutics respectively.

Achievement and Honors

Tom Needham continued painting into his retirement years, conducting workshops at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art in Augusta. His works received many honors in oil, acrylics and watercolor mediums.

Dorothy Needham became one of the first women to enroll in formal scientific study at Cambridge University after World War I provided new opportunities. She frequently advised Joseph not to make conclusions without first conducting empirical research first.

Needham used official Marxist categorizations of Chinese society to analyze it, employing concepts like ‘Asian bureaucratism’ and ‘bureaucratic feudalism’ that had been banned from use during Stalinist historiography in the 1930s. His liberal application of these notions demonstrated his commitment to East-West scientific collaboration even prior to SBSCO’s establishment.

Personal Life

Tom is blessed with many grandchildren; including sons Tom Needham (and partner Dudley Scoggin of Shreveport, Louisiana) and Elliot Nidam-Orvieto of Jerusalem, Israel; daughters Jenny Luxton (with Mike as husband), Bangor Maine) and Melissa Bell Autry of Wilmington North Carolina as well as many brothers, sisters-in-law, nieces, and nephews. Tom was awarded with two BAFTA nominations as an actor/writer/producer/director in theatre and TV projects respectively.

Tom has always had a deep-seated passion for painting, and continues to pursue it whenever possible. His award-winning oil, acrylic and watercolor works have won multiple accolades worldwide; over 80 pieces can currently be found in private collections worldwide; his Historic American Lighthouse watercolors will soon be showcased alongside select limited edition prints; commission portraits are still commissioned upon request as well. An avid animal lover and founding member of North Carolina Academy of Small Animal Medicine over fifty years ago in order to promote quality continuing education for veterinarians are just among his many accomplishments!

Net Worth

Tom Needham is a highly esteemed baseball player and currently estimated to have an estimated Net Worth between $1-5 Million. His wealth comes from being a professional baseball player in Ireland.

Needham founded Goodman Advisory Group, now the fourth-ranked financial advisory practice in his region. This fee-based firm caters to high net-worth and non-high net-worth individuals alike as well as institutions like investment companies, pension and profit sharing plans and corporations.

Needham is married to Peggy Holt Needham and has two sons: Tom Needham Jr. of Shreveport and Elliot Nidam-Orvieto from Jerusalem, Israel. Together they share five grandchildren. He plays club volleyball for SMASH VBL; has long been an ardent fan of OBU basketball; often attends OBU Bears games when visiting campus; is inducted into OBU Alumni Hall of Fame & is part of its Alumni Society Hall.

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