Thomas Pendlebury

Thomas Pendlebury

Thomas Pendlebury is an acclaimed American set designer best known for his work in films and magazines. His signature style combines bold shapes with negative space to create striking sets that leave a lasting impression.

He encountered his first professional criticism when an article of his which attempted to place the Siege of Troy within history was attacked by H. R. Hall from the British Museum.

Early Life and Education

Pendlebury was born and raised in Melbourne. He attended both the National Gallery of Victoria Art School and Swinburne Technical College for his education, marrying Eleanor Constance “Nornie” Gude (1915 – 24 January 2002), daughter of Ballarat music teacher Walter Gude.

He conducted his tour of Crete in 1928, experiencing rough sea crossings and hiking along mountainous terrain between Athens and Thebes. When visiting Knossos he noted its restoration projects had left it damaged beyond repair.

In 2006 he was selected for the All Australian team, finishing second in Brownlow votes behind Dane Swan and ahead of Dayne Beams and Sam Mitchell (disqualified). He has won an impressive eight AFL premierships with Collingwood; becoming one of the inaugural players to wear number 16 on their guernsey.

Professional Career

He has earned numerous accolades throughout his career. These include working for top organizations in both Australia and the U.S.; receiving various awards and honors for his efforts; being named to the 2013 Copeland Trophy team and serving as captain of Collingwood Football Club.

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Bailey alleges that Wyss’ 1991 display of male genitalia slides from Bhutan, Gennett’s pre-1995 recounting to Bailey of sexual experience with nurse, and Pendlebury’s 1997 distribution to her of a smaller cigar than provided to male colleagues constituted actions which created an unsafe work environment based on sexual discrimination.

Achievement and Honors

Pendlebury made his league football debut against Brisbane at the MCG on September 10, 2014 and became part of an exclusive group to kick a goal with their very first kick! In total, he would play eight more games during his debut year.

He made headlines again in 2011, winning his second Copeland Trophy and coming in equal fourth for the Brownlow Medal – behind teammate Dane Swan. Furthermore, he became Magpies captain in 2021.

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Personal Life

Pendlebury took first prize at the Dunlop Art Contest from 1952-54 for his oil painting Late Afternoon – Rhyll. This competition sought to promote Australian contemporary art on aesthetic grounds.

Pendlebury led Collingwood Football Club to victory in 2013 Elimination final with an amazing late goal that gave them victory, earning All-Australian selection on his wing and his second Copeland Trophy win. Additionally he polled 21 votes for Brownlow Medal but lost out to teammate Dane Swan.

During World War One, his father was sent to France where on 1 July 1916 he died at the Battle of the Somme where 19,000 British soldiers perished.

Net Worth

Thomas Pendlebury has an estimated net worth of around $2 Million. As part of Bruntwood Group and having made substantial real estate investments over time (115 properties total), Thomas’ wealth has seen his company’s assets increase by PS67m annually.

Collingwood star Dalton Thomas made an impactful showing against St Kilda on Sunday afternoon, playing an integral role in their 29-point win. Thomas collected 22 disposals, took an outstanding mark and kicked two goals en route to an impressive performance.

Pendlebury has chosen to remain discreet about his romantic life, though it’s likely he will eventually marry the girl of his dreams. He already has two children with Alex Davis; together they enjoy an extravagant lifestyle complete with expensive cars and houses.

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