Thomas Perrelli

Thomas Perrelli

Tom Perrelli is an award-winning litigator. Leveraging his experience in government, Washington politics, and private practice to provide clients with high-level strategic advice for their most complex litigation, regulatory investigations and enforcement matters.

One of his more visible accomplishments has been serving as Citigroup’s independent monitor, overseeing compliance with their settlement with the Justice Department and state attorneys general.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Perrelli was born March 12th 1966 and currently holds the position of Associate Attorney General with the Department of Justice, representing its third tier position at this level of government. Additionally he previously held positions such as Counsel to Attorney General Janet Reno as well as deputy assistant attorney general in Civil Division where his team represented nearly every federal agency involved in complex civil litigation cases.

At the Department of Justice, he successfully negotiated multi-billion settlements relating to mortgage servicing abuses and the Gulf oil spill; led a team that prosecuted major tobacco companies; and appeared before both the Supreme Court and various federal courts across the nation as an expert witness.

He holds degrees from Brown University (A.B. 1984) and Harvard Law School (magna cum laude 1991), where he clerked for Hon. Royce C. Lamberth in the District Court of Columbia.

Professional Career

Tom serves as an experienced strategist, litigator and crisis manager who assists companies and their senior leadership navigate through even the most complex legal and regulatory hurdles. From government investigations and congressional inquiries to interest from state Attorney Generals or media scrutiny – his clients benefit from having someone like Tom by their side who helps navigate challenging terrain.

Prior to returning to private practice, Perrelli spent 10 years at Jenner & Block’s national litigation firm where he handled copyright, media and constitutional litigation and public policy counseling for copyright, media and constitutional disputes as well as providing counsel to Attorney General Janet Reno as Deputy Assistant Attorney General heading up Civil Division Federal Programs Branch; here he represented agencies against complex civil litigation concerning matters such as medical record privacy issues and census figures adjustments as well as Indian Country law enforcement and tobacco litigation teams.

Achievement and Honors

Perrelli serves as Chair for Jenner & Block’s Government Controversy & Public Policy Litigation Practice Group. With extensive experience representing businesses, governmental entities and their leaders in some of the most complex legal disputes possible.

He also boasts extensive experience handling high-profile litigation, representing the Justice Department in civil rights and antitrust matters as well as leading their prosecution of some of the country’s biggest mortgage lenders.

His dedication in this case earned him the Albert E. Jenner pro bono award, named for its late founder.

Personal Life

Thomas Perrelli is an American lawyer who amassed his fortune as a Law Firm Partner. It is estimated that Thomas has amassed between $1 and $10 Million. Perrelli graduated from Brown University and Harvard Law School before clerking for Honorable Royce Lamberth on the US District Court for District of Columbia.

Perrelli has worked extensively on cases involving First Amendment rights and intellectual property issues as well as civil litigation matters in private practice. A partner at Jenner & Block’s Washington office, Perrelli has represented clients in copyright-infringement litigation and redistricting litigation matters; additionally he has an interest in Native country law and public safety issues. On March 12, 2009 he was confirmed by the Senate for Associate Attorney General status; with an extensive range of experience both from government and private practice makes him an invaluable addition.

Net Worth

Thomas Perrelli reportedly has an estimated net worth of $53,300,000.

Perrelli served as an attorney with the Justice Department, handling an array of cases and policy issues. These included fighting tobacco companies and pushing laws protecting medical record privacy; additionally he worked on Indian gaming and legal ethics issues.

Once he left the Justice Department in 2001, he returned to Jenner and Block and is currently a partner there. Since then he has represented voters and Democratic officials in redistricting cases as well as journalists and others involved in First Amendment cases.

He secured an esteemed position when Citigroup appointed him to oversee their $7 billion settlement agreement with federal and state attorneys general in 2012. With this assignment comes immense responsibilities.

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