Thomas Plofchan

Thomas Plofchan, Attorney at Law

PNNL provides DHS with an extensive array of national security expertise, such as research and development, project management, training, strategic policy advice and data analytics. Among many contributions it has made towards combatting terrorist threats, domestic violent extremism (DVE) and white nationalism.

Ms. Plofchan contends that the circuit court correctly granted her plea in bar on the basis that collateral estoppel precludes Thomas and Elizabeth from litigating their allegations regarding her mental capacity.

Early Life and Education

Tom was born and raised near Detroit in Michigan. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Notre Dame’s Department of Music before later earning a Master of Arts in counseling and guidance from University of Detroit.

Thomas and Elizabeth asserted that Ms. Plofchan was incapable of revoking her Trust and POA properly due to financial incapacitation, and was hampering their administration by contacting banks in an attempt to withdraw them from her accounts. They sought injunctive relief prohibiting Ms. Plofchan from withdrawing funds from the Trust or paying Jennifer expenses that went beyond room and board expenses.

The circuit court determined that Ms. Plofchan had demonstrated her lack of standing to contest mental capacity claims as it had already been addressed in her New York guardianship proceeding.

Professional Career

Plofchan began developing his photographic abilities from an early age. His father was an established photographer who shared his expertise. Later he further refined these abilities while serving in the military where he took many photographs.

After leaving PNNL, he worked on national security projects and new technology development at DHS; helping create their strategic framework to combat terrorism and targeted violence.

Plofchan assisted the Department of Human Services with the development of its front office through an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) temporary detail assignment. As part of his contribution, he assisted them in making domestic violence one of their top priorities – which resulted in major change within DHS itself. Today he serves as managing partner at Pangiam.

Achievement and Honors

Over his three decades at the university, Plofchan helped raise over $1.2 billion for academics and capital projects. For his efforts he received recognition at San Antonio’s 20th Annual National Philanthropy Day as an Outstanding Fund Raising Executive.

He argued that being dismissed would cause irreparable harm in terms of lost earnings and reputational harm, yet court found he failed to meet the higher standard necessary to receive an injunction against dismissal.

Plofchan stands accused of sexually assaulting military service members. The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office alleges that he directed his family member to wash bedding that could have provided evidence of the attack; Plofchan has denied these allegations and states he has exhausted his intraservice remedies.

Personal Life

Thomas Plofchan is a member of the National Society for Fund Raising Executives. Additionally, he sits on the boards of directors for Greater San Antonio, North San Antonio and Alamo Heights Chambers of Commerce as well as Northeast Kiwanis Club.

Elizabeth and Thomas filed their complaint alleging that Ms. Plofchan lacked mental capacity to cancel the Trust or POA she created for herself, and had dissipated trust assets while interfering with its administration. Elizabeth and Thomas sought injunctive relief against Ms. Plofchan misusing Trust assets further while simultaneously asserting they are entitled to reimbursement of fees and costs incurred as fiduciaries.

Ms. Plofchan responded to Thomas and Elizabeth’s complaint by asserting that the circuit court properly granted her plea in bar and collateral estoppel bars them from challenging her mental capacity. Additionally, she claimed that this case involved differing legal standards, parties/privies involved, proceedings as well as facts.

Net Worth

Thomas Plofchan has been practicing law since 1993 and specializes in Criminal Law. His clients rave about him in Potomac Falls, VA. Additionally, Thomas Plofchan’s LinkedIn profile contains useful details regarding education, work experience, Bar information and peer reviews – providing all essential data.

His client, Thomas Caldwell, who has been accused of leading the Oath Keepers militia group, held top-secret security clearances for decades and ran his own consulting firm that handled classified work – according to his lawyer he also worked for the FBI.

Plofchan’s complaint allegeing VSS filed incomplete, late and inaccurate campaign reports from 1999 up until February 22rd was unfounded; Anderson replied by criticizing Plofchan for wasting his time.

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