Thomas Pluta

Thomas Pluta Becomes President of Tradeweb Markets

Tradeweb Markets, a global electronic marketplace for rates, credit, equities and money markets, has appointed veteran markets practitioner Thomas Pluta as their new president. Working closely with CEO Billy Hult to foster an atmosphere of collaborative innovation.

Claudia Jury: Tom, what advice would you offer young professionals regarding developing meaningful relationships that transcend their careers?

Early Life and Education

Thomas Pluta began his career at several different companies before joining JPMorgan as global head of linear rates trading and co-head of North American Rates trading. There, he oversaw all fixed income products such as FX and Interest Rate derivatives trading activities.

Since Pluta moved to Westfield 47 years ago, he has come to value its community immensely and serve its members in his capacity as deacon at Holy Trinity Church where he coordinates ministry outreach programs.

Rutgers University has left an impactful footprint in many alumni lives; Deacon Tom Pluta can attest that his time spent studying there had an effect on him personally.

Professional Career

Thomas Pluta has over 27 years of experience managing FX and Rates teams at JP Morgan. Most recently he held the titles Global Head of Linear Rates Trading and Co-Head of North American Rates Trading within this firm.

As President of Tradeweb Markets, he will report directly to CEO Billy Hult and ensure the company maintains its culture of collaboration. Additionally, he will develop and execute Tradeweb Market’s strategic agenda as well as oversee day-to-day business.

Thomas Pluta has held numerous industry leadership roles throughout his career and currently serves as Chairman of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) and as member of Federal Reserve Bank of New York Treasury Market Practices Group. Additionally, since 2017 Thomas has served on the Board of Directors of his company. Thomas lives in New York City.

Achievement and Honors

Pluta is an active participant in the industry, serving on multiple boards and committees such as the CFTC’s Global Markets Advisory Committee and SIFMA Advisory Council. He also leads JP Morgan’s firm-wide LIBOR Transition Program as Corporate and Investment Bank lead.

Pluta has been recognized for his leadership in the markets, being named one of The Wall Street Journal’s Most Powerful Market Makers and by Business Insider as an Outstanding Financial Executive; additionally he was nominated as a finalist for The Dealmaker of the Year award.

Pluta’s professional career aside, Pluta serves as an ordained deacon at Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity in Westfield where he has been active for more than 25 years and acts as ministry outreach coordinator in addition to fulfilling regular liturgical duties.

Personal Life

Thomas Pluta is President of Tradeweb Markets, a global operator of electronic marketplaces for rates, credit, equities and money markets. After joining as President-elect in October 2018 and becoming president in January 2023 – replacing Lee Olesky who will remain Chairman -, Pluta works closely with CEO Billy Hult and his executive management team in setting and implementing Tradeweb Market’s strategic agenda as well as overseeing day-to-day business.

At JP Morgan, he spent 27 years overseeing trading teams across Global Rates, Emerging Markets, and Foreign Exchange businesses – most recently as Global Head of Linear Rates Trading and Co-Head of North American Rates Trading.

He has not engaged in any insider transactions in the last 18 months. Additionally, he serves as director for Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association Inc and Treasury Market Practices Group of Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Net Worth

Pluta will collaborate closely with Hult and the executive management team to set and execute against Tradeweb Markets’ strategic agenda, oversee day-to-day business operations, foster an innovative culture and continue driving collaborative innovation within the firm. He will also serve on its board.

Pluta comes to us from JP Morgan where he spent 27 years trading and managing teams across Global Rates, Emerging Markets, and Foreign Exchange businesses. Most recently he served as Co-Head of Linear Rates and North America Rates Trading at JP Morgan.

He will succeed the current CEO Lee Olesky who will stay on as non-executive Chairman of the board. Since being hired 18 months ago he has made no insider transactions or received compensation exceeding $178,014.

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