Thomas Poster

Thomas Poster was a columnist on the Daily News People Page for 15 years, becoming an invaluable source for politicians, celebrities and even Pope Lech Wasa of Poland. Additionally he worked on Indiana Jones movie posters such as Style B.

The Political Protest Digital Collection is an innovative educational and scholarly resource exploring the connection between polemical poster artwork and mass political action movements.

Early Life and Education

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Thomas was born and raised in Swansea, Wales – his father frequently reading classic literature such as Shakespeare aloud to him; this inspired Thomas to begin writing poetry himself.

Thomas attended Holy Cross to study priesthood, but left when disillusioned by racial injustice. Reportedly displaying a poster of Malcolm X activist Malcolm X in his dorm room and recalling many of his speeches from memory was said to be one of his hallmarks as well as remembering many speeches verbatim from memory! This documentary shows how Thomas eventually joined the Black Power movement by turning away from nonviolent protest tactics popular among civil rights leaders at that time and joining violent demonstrations instead.

Professional Career

Thomas was an accomplished poster artist and design professor at London College of Printing, creating posters to commemorate events or seasons such as reminding students to return overdue books. Additionally, Thomas designed posters that communicated complex messages easily using pictures and words.

He created many film posters. His style was distinguished by using vibrant color and striking images to convey messages. He excelled at depicting drama and romance scenes.

He worked for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, designing posters for roadshow or “hard ticket” movies such as Dr. Zhivago, Grand Prix and Far from the Madding Crowd. Additionally he illustrated and designed album covers; did session work (including writing synthesizer parts for Foreigner’s 4 album; contributing to Lene Lovich’s debut album); designed album sleeves; illustrated album sleeves (again); illustrated book covers (Dante!). Also did session work ( writing synthesizer parts for 4 by Foreigner), illustrated / designed album covers (album covers only).

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

Thomas began her teaching career after graduating from Howard University, teaching art in a D.C. junior high school for 35 years and becoming well known for developing enrichment programs for her students. Additionally, Thomas served as an inspiring mentor to many young women artists, Black artists and older artists in D.C.

She made posters for charity events and non-profit organizations in her free time, as well as painting abstracts that she displayed at local galleries such as Barnett-Aden Gallery – Washington’s first Black-owned art gallery.

Her paintings were inspired by the natural landscape surrounding her lifelong home in Logan Circle. Crepe Myrtle and Holly trees that framed her house inspired meditative pieces such as Wind Dancing with Spring Flowers and Crepe Myrtle Concerto; her style also echoed Little Paris Study Group styles while she dabbled in pointillism – an image created with small dots arranged into patterns to form an image.

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