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Prunty was a lifelong learner who lived and breathed Army Intelligence’s motto of always out front learning. He was dearly loved by family and friends.

Early Life and Education

Early in his career, he pursued science studies at St Thomas’s Hospital medical school. By 1941 he qualified as a medical student and graduated with honors.

At the time of his death, he resided in Wheaton, Illinois surrounded by family and friends; three children belonged to him, along with numerous nieces and nephews.

He donated his life insurance policy as a planned gift to West Virginia University Foundation to establish the Bud Prunty Scholarship at Davis College of Agriculture, in memory of his late father who was both an educator and cattleman; his son hopes to continue carrying out his legacy by offering this scholarship as well. Bud was second-generation Mountaineer who passionately believed in agricultural education education.

Professional Career

Prunty’s professional achievements included expanding clinical chemistry as a subspecialty and endocrinology as a separate field within medical science, as well as pioneering chemical pathology as an independent discipline within it.

His sensitive understanding of human nature and deft maneuvering of military bureaucracy led to him being promoted into a leadership role for intelligence collection operations, an area which had not been explored much at that point in time. His expertise made him an indispensable member of Army Reserve Intelligence unit which served in Afghanistan and Iraq warzones.

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Achievement and Honors

James was the beloved son of MaryBeth and is survived by his siblings (Marybeth, Peter, Tim, James and Robert) and their children; as well as by stalwart Sigma Chi fraternity members who remain close. And his dear friends.

Prunty was an ideal candidate to help establish Human Intelligence Collection operations at Guantanamo Bay and adapt Cold War interrogation techniques for use against terror cells and enemy fighters. He took particular pride in helping prevent deportations of low-level terrorists and enemy fighters without justification.

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Personal Life

He was an accomplished sailor, winning many cups and trophies during Cowes Week and participating in Cowes Week as an active competitor. Additionally, he enjoyed a career representing pharmaceutical companies while being an active member of both Biochemical Society and Society for Endocrinology.

At 17, Prunty joined the Army Reserve, graduating at the top of his German class before attending interrogation school where his sharp mind, excellent memory and intuitive understanding of human nature proved ideal for military occupational specialization – qualities which helped make him an influential member of an Intelligence unit he would later help establish at Guantanamo Bay.

Investigation into child pornographic images began after a Danbury pediatrician discovered them in an America Online chat room that Prunty used under his screen name Nuboy2. Later he informed authorities that these pictures “appeared to violate current child pornography statutes.” Prunty died February 4th 1791 in Franklin County Virginia.

Net Worth

Ryan Prunty is an American YouTube personality and social media influencer best known for his daily vlogs, pranks, and sing-offs on YouTube. Additionally, he boasts thousands of followers across other social media accounts.

He sports light brown hair and blue eyes, and his body type is slim. He stands at 5 feet 10 inches, weighing approximately 150 pounds.

Thomas Lindsey Prunty of Wheaton and Carter Prunty of Faught, as well as grandchildren are left mourning his passing. Funeral services took place Monday afternoon at Providence Baptist Church with burial following at Brown-Roden Cemetery in Sumner. Born February 21, 1947 to Bernice and Thomas Lindsey Prunty he was an ardent sports fan as well as being an attentive father and grandfather.

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