Thomas Quarles

Thomas Quarles

Thomas Quarles helps clients to gain a thorough understanding of their businesses before creating patent filing, defense and management strategies that align with their goals. In Milwaukee and Minneapolis he chairs the Intellectual Property Practice Group of his firm.

Pine Bluff teenager Thomas Quarles has been sentenced to 40 years of incarceration after pleading guilty in March 2021 in relation to the killing of 15-year-old classmate at Watson Chapel Junior High School. Quarles was charged as an adult following this shooting incident at Watson Chapel Junior High.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Quarles was born at Curats House in Norwich, England on 23 September 1892 to wine and spirit merchant parents. He attended school at King’s College Choir School before leaving Cambridge altogether to work at Curats House Wine Merchants as an apprentice wine merchant.

He later attended University of Connecticut School of Law, earning a law degree there in 1986. Following this he worked at Devine Millimet & Branch law firm in Manchester, New Hampshire helping clients address health care situations.

Quarles was charged with theft of government property, forging securities issued by states and private entities, money laundering and plead guilty to one count. He currently resides at Federal Correctional Institution Aliceville Alabama without incurring any disciplinary infractions; instead he has made great strides toward rehabilitation efforts while in custody.

Professional Career

Barber utilizes his military and legal background as managing partner at Quarles & Brady to assist clients, while leading community initiatives such as its Quarles Cares program.

Quarles meets with Limehouse at Johnny Crowder’s bar to express his interest in working together, but Limehouse informs him that Boyd Crowder plans on robbing a bank tonight and advises him to meet outside as he exits.

Duffy devises a scheme in which he falsifies medical documents, MRIs and X-Rays in order to appear as an official supplier of oxycontin for Harlan addicts at regular prices, before selling half of it back for 10 times the original cost back into Detroit for ten times higher profit margins. All seems well until Duffy receives a phone call from Raylan.

Achievement and Honors

As a coach, Quarles has been at the center of some of the most exciting and innovative events in collegiate track and field. A native of Covington, Virginia, Quarles joined South Carolina staff in 1998 and helped develop one of the most acclaimed college athletic programs ever seen; during this time the Gamecocks have earned 55 top-25 team finishes at NCAA championship level competition.

She has also helped coach numerous Olympic medal winners. Notable among these achievements include former Gamecocks Miki Barber (2000 women’s outdoor), Terrence Trammell (110mH silver), Lashinda Demus and Natasha Hastings, who she led to national athlete of the year honors.

She has also successfully guided athletes to win event titles at America’s premier annual meet, the Penn Relays.

Personal Life

Thomas Quarles served as President of the Music Teachers National Association and as an organist and educator taught organ at Lindenwood University, Cornell University and University of Missouri. Additionally he was honored as being part of American Academy of Arts & Letters as well as receiving recognition as Fellow from American Guild of Organists.

He was an expert on Australian and New Zealand anthropology and published several books in that field. Additionally, he served on the Board of Directors at the American Australian Museum in Canberra as well as being appointed as Trustee by the University of Melbourne.

Quarles filed her petition for compassionate release based on medical conditions such as renal failure and essential hypertension that place her at an increased risk for serious complications should she contract COVID-19. However, the Court finds these to be insufficient grounds for release from prison.

Net Worth

Tom Quarles currently resides in Little Rock, Arkansas where he has lived for approximately one year. His home is estimated to be valued at roughly two million dollars and his holdings and investments encompass numerous real estate holdings across the US and even some stocks worth over two million.

Previous to joining Corel Corporation and Opentable UK Holding Ltd, Mr. White served on the boards of directors for Playdom Inc. which was acquired by The Walt Disney Company, Corel Corp and Opentable UK Holding Ltd.

As part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team that won Super Bowl XXXVII, he made over 500 tackles during his 10-year career as linebacker, often serving as their leading tackler in several seasons.

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