Thomas Queen

Thomas Queen – A Man on the Rise

Thomas was exposed to music through her father Rufus singing with Memphis’ WDIA Radio’s Teen Town Singers; this group would go on to include Anita Louis and Isaac Hayes among its ranks.

Rash and overzealous, Thomas married Katherine Parr after Henry VIII had died, only to later be charged with treason and executed at Tower of London on March 20, 1549.

Early Life and Education

As a child, she learned French, Latin and Greek in addition to English. Additionally, she was an avid reader who deeply appreciated music and poetry.

She was an advocate of public schools and, with her husband’s help, established Austin’s first charter school. Additionally, she served on both boards of KIPP Austin Public Schools and St Andrew’s Episcopal School.

Thomas was greatly influenced by his grandfather, who imparted to him both work ethic and self-reliance. Thomas went on to a successful civil rights attorney career and is remembered for his quiet yet confident demeanor during oral arguments. Thomas will be missed dearly by both family and friends;

Professional Career

With his expertise in corporate law, Thomas has represented private equity funds, strategic buyers and sellers, family offices and entrepreneurs on over one hundred merger and acquisition transactions. A member of both Texas and Virginia bars, Thomas serves on the ABA M&A Committee.

He has been honored as a Best Lawyer in America for both Corporate/M&A Law and Business/Corporate Governance Law, serving as mentor for young lawyers.

Thomas herself struggles with impostor syndrome. To tackle it, she relies heavily on reading for relaxation. Additionally, Thomas makes efforts to support philanthropic efforts and further her own knowledge; currently serving on Catalyst Canada board as well as volunteering for WE Charity.

Achievement and Honors

Witty and stylish, Thomas was always on the move. With Henry in his corner and Catherine of Aragon already pregnant with her mourning period pending, Thomas used charm to court Kat Parry as part of his plan to court Elizabeth, perhaps so as not to inconvenience Kat and make courtship easier for himself.

Established by the Fondation J. Armand Bombardier in 2008, this fellowship recognizes academic merit among graduate students pursuing humanitarian engineering efforts worldwide. Selection takes place through the Department of Civil Engineering. Value: variable.

Personal Life

Thomas Queen was an up and coming diplomat and actor, successfully acting as ambassador and performing plays across Europe and North America. Aside from diplomatic service and acting roles, his acting career flourished greatly as well. Additionally he took up sewing, dancing, manners lessons as well as horseback riding lessons – plus mathematical geography astronomy!

In 1549, Henry VIII’s widow Catherine Parr was his bride-to-be; this brought Elizabeth close. At first it seemed likely that Henry would marry Elizabeth so as to enter her into his line of succession and bring about her marriage into their lineage.

As an ambitious man who was often misbehaving and stirring up trouble, his actions ultimately brought about his execution in the Tower of London on March 20, 1549 – beheading.

Net Worth

Thomas Brodie-Sangster, best known as Benny Watts from Queen’s Gambit is estimated by Celebrity Net Worth to be worth an impressive $3 Million. He rose to prominence during his time playing Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter but has also appeared in Nanny McPhee and Phineas and Ferb.

His career began as a child actor, and has recently progressed into more mature roles that bring in over $1 Million per project.

Dame Julie Andrews, best known for playing Lady Whistledown on television series like Downton Abbey and Doctor Who, is a powerful presence. Her majestic presence adds depth and intrigue to these episodes of the series. With an estimated net worth of $30 Million and an extensive art collection that she regularly shares behind-the-scenes content on Instagram.

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