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Thomas Ralph Swank, 69, of Middletown, Ohio, passed away Monday, August 15, 2022 at Hospice of Butler and WarrenCounties

Thomas Ralph Swank, 69, of Middletown passed away August 15th at Ohio Hospice of Butler & Warren Counties after an illness-induced bout. Tom was known to all who knew him for being a loving husband, father, brother, and grandfather.

Thomas Swank is highly esteemed by Caucasian employees. As CEO of American Enterprise Group and president of Aegon Asset Management U.S., Swank holds great regard.

Early Life and Education

Hilary Swank was born in Lincoln, Nebraska to Judy Kay (nee Clough) a secretary and dancer; her father Stephen Swank served in the National Guard and worked as a traveling salesman; Hilary’s ancestry includes Dutch German English Ulster-Scots Scottish bloodlines.

Swank garnered worldwide acclaim with her performances in Kimberly Peirce’s Boys Don’t Cry and Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby. Swank played Maggie Fitzgerald, a female boxer; for which Swank underwent extensive preparation by living as a man for several weeks prior to taking on her part.

Tom enjoyed many hobbies such as playing golf, scuba diving and sharing a single malt scotch at the end of each day with friends. Additionally, he spent time with family and friends in Licking County. Tom attended Attica Assembly of God Church as part of their religious affiliation.

Professional Career

Hilary Swank is a two-time Oscar winner who has graced many acclaimed films over her career. She co-starred alongside Cate Blanchett in Sam Raimi’s The Gift and was cast as Alice Paul from Iron Jawed Angels; furthermore she also appeared as a teacher in Freedom Writers.

Boys Don’t Cry was an especially challenging role for Swank to portray; based on Tina Brandon’s tragic life. Playing a female character who passed as male while entering an abusive relationship that ended tragically proved an uphill struggle, yet Swank rose to meet it admirably with an impressive performance.

Swank is currently working as a journalist on Alaska Daily (2022-). She has received positive feedback from her employees at her workplace at 110 Randi Drive in Madison.

Achievement and Honors

Swank’s performance in Boys Don’t Cry marked an inflection point for portrayal of transgender characters on film. Her activism for tolerance of human diversity saw her serve as national spokesperson for New York-based Hetrick Martin Institute and convinced other prominent actresses to take roles outside of Hollywood’s traditional formula.

She continued to push herself by accepting more complex and demanding roles, such as Brian De Palma’s 1940s thriller The Black Dahlia and supernatural drama The Reaping. These films earned her nominations for an Academy Award as Best Actress.

Swank was honored with multiple top awards from her peers at the Screen Actors Guild Awards for her performances in Sideways alongside Thomas Haden Church, Paul Giamatti and Virginia Madsen.

Personal Life

Tom Swank was an enthusiastic truck driver who loved dirt bikes, car racing and golf – but most importantly he treasured spending time with his family. He leaves behind Miste Swank; children Kelly, Jenna and Mike Swank as well as stepchildren Stephanie Platts and Logan Platts; his mother Freida Swank from Mentor; brothers Steve Swank and Roy Swank and several nieces and nephews who will miss him greatly.

Hilary Swank shines at a screening of A Man Called Otto in New York on January 9, while Rupert Grint looks comfortable during an appearance on The Late Late Show Starring James Corden that same evening in NYC.

Net Worth

Swank has not only proven herself a talented actress but has also proved adept at real estate investments. In 2008 she sold a townhome for $7 million in Manhattan before purchasing and renovating an ocean-front property in Pacific Palisades for much less. Most recently, Swank and husband Philip Schneider welcomed twins this year and announced the news through Instagram with pictures.

Oscar-winning actress Elizabeth Banks will star and executive produce an ABC drama pilot from Stillwater and Spotlight director Tom McCarthy. It will follow a celebrity journalist moving to Alaska seeking new beginnings, who finds both personal and professional redemption through joining the staff of Anchorage Daily News. It is considered one of the highest profile network drama development projects this season; production is planned through a partnership between Fox 21 Television Studios and Slow Pony Productions.

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