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Thomas Reidy Net Worth

Reidy has made an outstanding mark in golf. Throughout his long and distinguished career, he has held several leadership roles within NYSGA and other organizations.

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Early Life and Education

Reidy began his professional life at Elmira Country Club in his home state of New York as both caddy and member. Additionally, he played badminton professionally in Europe for some time.

Reidy is best known for his research on the Civil War and American South. His essays on these subjects have appeared in various anthologies. Furthermore, he was instrumental in convincing Alabama officials to posthumously pardon the Scottsboro Boys.

Reidy has served as president of Brother Rice High School since 2007. Additionally, he taught and was head teacher at Tampa Catholic High School, part of the Consortium of Christian Brothers schools in Florida. Furthermore, he served as administrator in numerous Catholic schools.

Professional Career

Thomas Reidy has amassed an impressive list of professional achievements that extend far beyond golf. Since 1983, he has been actively involved with the New York State Golf Association (NYSGA). Furthermore, Reidy was actively engaged with badminton – competing two events at 1992 Olympic Games as a competitor and later becoming high performance director for Badminton Ireland.

Reidy has been teaching upper level courses in World History, Western Civilization, and American History at the University of Alabama Huntsville since 2007. Additionally, he has published several articles related to Scottsboro Boys case.

Reidy has distinguished himself professionally while serving on various boards of directors including AID Laboratories and RESA Enterprises, among others. Additionally, he frequently spoke at local colleges and universities.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Reidy received the Navy Cross, an honor conferred upon individuals by the President of the United States for “extraordinary heroism in operations against an enemy”. It was awarded in recognition of his services during World War II.

Women4Women OBGYN also participates in many charitable events throughout the year, such as Hudson Alpha’s Tie the Ribbons luncheon and Liz Hurley Ribbon Run.

Reidy is also a member of the DGA and regularly serves on Council-hosted panels at events, such as 2021 Virtual Event Dynamic Duos: The Collaborative Process of Directors and 1st ADs. Most recently, in March 2022 he was honored as recipient of the Frank Capra Achievement Award and will be recognized at DGA Awards ceremony on March 12th 2022.

Personal Life

Reidy was well known as both an avid golfer and volunteer. Known for his tireless work ethic and knowledge of the game, Reidy was also revered by those around him due to his humble demeanor and unpretentious mannerisms.

He demonstrated his devotion to both golf and its participants through numerous achievements with the NYSGA, with which he was honored with the Ike Grainger Award in 2009.

He lived up to the Marines’ motto of “Semper Fidelis,” or always faithful, by working until it became impossible for him.

He leaves behind his loving wife Barbara Sequenzia Reidy; two adored granddaughters Amanda and Alexa Reidy Zondiros; brothers John Reidy and Mark Reidy as well as mother Linnea Wiren Reidy from Worcester; Joanne and Tom Zondiros of Worcester also attended his final resting place.

Net Worth

Thomas Reidy is estimated to be worth an estimated $6 Million dollars. Throughout his impressive career he has held various roles at numerous companies such as Becton Dickinson & Co (BDX). Additionally he sits on Acushnet Corporation’s board.

Reidy is an avid golfer who has made great contributions to the game in New York State. A longstanding member of Elmira Country Club and various committees in the NYSGA, Reidy was recently recognized for his “unparalleled volunteer achievements within their organization.

Reidy has taken part in multiple charitable events in his home community and supports Women4Women OBGYN organization which assists patients experiencing gynecological issues.

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