Thomas Rental

Thomas Rental is a Real Estate Agent With a Strong Work Ethic

Cora Bett Thomas has become one of Savannah’s most renowned real estate agents, known for her large billboards that can be found throughout Southeast and her name becoming associated with luxury and style.

ProPublica recently reported that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas accepted multiple vacations from a billionaire benefactor but failed to disclose them on required financial disclosure forms, according to their own research.

Professional Career

Thomas Rental has built an outstanding career as a real estate professional with his strong work ethic and unwavering commitment to his clients. Beginning his passion in real estate while still in high school, Thomas has developed his abilities as an agent. Relocating to New York himself himself makes Thomas especially aware of those relocating there, working tirelessly on their behalf to meet all their needs as an agent specializing in luxury residential real estate.

Lead the Rental Division’s execution of strategy to increase market share profitably while managing fleet assets effectively and meeting customer satisfaction goals to generate expected bottom line returns.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas is a passionate and determined rental coordinator who strives to ensure the branch runs efficiently. He handles all aspects of rental process – from ordering confirmations and service call arrangements, to mentoring new staff and customers – which has significantly contributed to its success.

In 2018, an immersive production of Rent was staged at Frogmore Paper Mill in Apsley, Hemel Hempstead. The performance recast Mimi, Angel and Mark as British characters while dramatically rearrangeing songs such as Out Tonight, Today 4 U and Over the Moon.

Lima One honored Thomas with its Core Employee of the Month award in February 2022 in recognition of his hard work ethic and dedication in expanding Lima One’s servicing department to support their premium real estate loan portfolio.

Personal Life

Thomas owns and runs Rent-a-Swag, an exclusive clothing rental store for middle school boys, which employs Mona Lisa Saperstein’s sister Jean-Ralphio Saperstein to operate it with him.

Thomas also assists Leslie in adding fluoride to Pawnee water and organizing a unity concert, as well as trying to reconcile with Pandora, who he suspects of cheating on him.

As is common with Larson’s work, Thomas suffers from a serious medical condition; his brother Daniel suffers from cystic fibrosis and his character’s name references it. Thomas struggles to cope with his traditional mother Kosoke who is shocked at his drug use and party lifestyle. Thomas and his friends frequently attend nightclubs and raves; additionally they engage in sexual relations with the daughter of the Parish pastor whose identity was revealed when Thomas caught Cook lying to them about it.

Net Worth

Thomas Ravenel has amassed an estimated net worth of $6 Million. As the former Southern Charm star has made his money through various businesses such as real estate investments and real estate development firms; as well as having his own line of CBD products.

Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas reported on financial disclosure forms that his family and he earned rental income of thousands of dollars from Ginger Holdings LLC when it closed down in 2006, according to The Washington Post.

Thomas failed to account for expenses such as capital expenses, utilities costs, repairs costs and advertising while listing only three types of property insurance and maintenance coverages; further he underestimated vacancy and repair allowances by five percent of gross rents. Bentley Bay Retail’s property management company filed suit against Thomas in October 2022 due to nonpayment of rent.

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