Thomas Skeleton

Thomas Skeleton

Thomas obtained the clay for his sculptures from the silty soil of Mississippi Delta. Using this clay, he would fashion heads and busts.

One night, he made the journey alone from Knapford Sheds to Shed 17. As soon as he entered, he noticed several clones, one in particular being held captive inside a tank – it began screaming out in agony!

Early Life and Education

Thomas Skeleton grew up in a small southern town and endured a difficult early life. His mother died unexpectedly when he was still young, while his stepfather worked in a cemetery – two factors which may explain why Thomas has such an association between himself and death.

He is an author of poetry whose works explore fear, lust and the abandonment of moral codes. His 2014 collection “Skeleton Costumes” has been heralded as his most dynamic and effective yet.

He has been creating skull sculptures for over 50 years, creating macabre yet creepy skulls which have been described as macabre, haunting and macabre. His works have appeared in movies and TV shows as well as art galleries and museums worldwide; some even reside within his home!

Professional Career

Thomas Skelton worked as a lighting designer, designing lighting schemes for ballet and Broadway theater productions. His designs were featured in Dance magazine and taught at New York Studio and Forum of Stage Design as well as Yale University.

He lent his creative talents to modern dance choreographers such as Martha Graham, Paul Taylor and Jose Limon – in addition to founding Ohio Ballet.

Abi Collins voices him in both Shed 17 and Project G-1 universes; since joining those worlds he has acquired siderods and a new footplate.

Short-tempered and childish in his actions, Demon Prom can often throw angry tantrums. His revenge towards Star was excessive; once threatening to unleash legions of demons and monsters upon Earth if she refused his invitation. Unfortunately for him a boulder eventually crushed him under its weight.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas is an impressive blue tank engine who works at Shed 17. Originally created by Hans and Wilhelm to replicate Thomas Gotze, one of their clones was unfortunately mishandled and eventually exploded after arriving.

He nonetheless had an outstandingly successful career in America, dedicating himself selflessly to helping European emigres as well as bravely opposing postwar anti-Communist hysteria in America. Additionally, his marriage with Katia Pringsheim (the daughter of an influential German mathematics professor) proved lastingly happy.

As a coach, he has led British skeleton athletes to medal at each of the past five Olympic Winter Games and numerous World and European championships.

Personal Life

Thomas has an extremely close relationship with both of his parents, Dave and Wrathmelior, though more so with Wrathmelior. Thomas can sometimes be overprotective but always knows when someone needs help, sometimes by way of fire pyrokinesis he creates and controls (a talent he used to save Star in “Club Snubbed”).

As part of Cobbett’s son’s auction to pay for bankruptcy, his collection included the skeleton. At that point, dinosaur historians realized it was incomplete.

This skull was taken to Pittsburgh and displayed. However, due to being missing its brain and tail bone – making the beast unrecognizable – a new skeleton with all those parts was later discovered and used to recreate this creature – which later took on its namesake’s name.

Net Worth

Thomas is an avid sports enthusiast who frequents both the gym and ice hockey games, spending much of his free time outdoors by hiking trips. Additionally, Thomas owns a dog named Lila and practices veganism.

He does not discuss much of his personal life; however, he is described as being attractive with an athletic build. Additionally, he currently has an off-celebrity girlfriend whom he is in a relationship with.

He is best-known for playing Aaron Fitzcarraldo in the comedy film It’s Kind of a Funny Story and has made appearances in many other movies and TV series since. Most notably in 2015 he appeared as Ben Wosser in Tommy Wirkola’s horror flick Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters alongside Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton as Ben Wosser.

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