Thomas Sparrvik

Thomas Sparrvik

Thomas Sparrvik is an international Business Executive who has grown numerous technology companies to sales exceeding $1 billion. Currently residing in San Diego and serving on the boards of five technology firms.

Sparrvik serves as both Chief Executive Officer and Member of Kontron AG’s Management Board, while simultaneously running Kontron America. Sparrvik strives to keep his company as flat as possible so that communication ideas can travel both up-and-down the chain as efficiently as possible.

Professional Career

Thomas Sparrvik is an accomplished business executive, serving on five different company boards as CEO. He holds an MBA from Warwick Business School of University of Warwick Coventry England; MSc from Lund University; BA from Pauli College Malmo Sweden. As CEO and member of its Supervisory Board at Kontron America; and as General Manager Overseas Operations of Parpro Corporation an ODM supplier; as well as sitting on various technology start-up Boards of Directors across California with proven growth and acquisition tracks record; Thomas is one of California’s finest business executives!

Personal Life

Thomas Sparrvik currently resides in San Diego, California and holds shares in three companies that provide software for SAP ERP systems: Bista Solutions; Networked Energy Solutions, which specializes in Smart Metering and ODM supply; Parpro Corporation, an ODM product manufacturer listed on Taipei Stock Exchange; as well as five others that he sits on their Boards of Directors despite spending much time traveling between Europe and Asia for business; however despite this commitment Sparrvik seems content with Kontron and has found no need to venture elsewhere (ECF No 15-1; page 3). Additionally he enjoys wine as well as cooking which adds another dimension. (ECF 15-1; page 3).))))) He also takes pleasure from wine tasting paired with his interest in wine appreciation coupled with cooking (ECF No 15-1; page 3).)) He enjoys wine tasting while cooking (ECF 15-1 page 3).))) Additionally he takes great pleasure from wine appreciation as he finds great pleasure from wine tasting (ECF 15-1; Networked Energy Solutions which supplies Smart Metering ODM solutions from San Francisco while Parpro Corporation manufactures ODM products which is publicly traded on Taipei Stock Exchange). Although Sparrvik travels between Europe and Asia for business ventures; Sparrvik has found happiness at Kontron; this company being publicly traded on Taipei Stock Exchange). (ECF 15-1 page pg 3). He enjoys cooking (ECF 15-1 page pg 3).)), wine as he has personal interest (ECF 15-1 page pg 3).). Sparrvik enjoys wine (ECF 15-1 page 3, serves Asia too).) are publically traded on Taipei Stock exchange).)). (ECF no 15-1). (pg may well as well (and Asia for many others may well has not currently not searching out new challenges; Kontron appears content.) though.1 however is currently happy ). Additionally p 3)and his only limited). (pg).3).))). (ECF15-1p 3), not looking forward as Kontron currently not looking forward).))), though (ECF No. 15-1 (p 3), (p 3), although (ECF No.)3 He may serves).) also)). 1p 3). He currently not looking. 15-1 page 3, as Kontron.)).) As for new challenges.7) although currently looking p p3) as yet again (ECF No 15-1 has found him no.)); Also has personal interest in wine. 15-1) although. 7-1 also serves his current home Kontron currently not seeking more interestingly). pg).) 3 ****.)).) 1… (ECF no 15, 1 Pg 3.) Finally as

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