Thomas Strobhar

Thomas Strobhar

Thomas Strobhar is a financial advisor with G. A. Repple & Company in Casselberry, Florida and holds both Series 63 and 65 licenses – boasting more than 20 years’ worth of experience in the industry.

Successfully shaping the corporate giving policies at American Express, AT&T, Chevron, Berkshire Hathaway Ford General Mills and Target are among his achievements; furthermore he is widely respected for his activism against child pornography and religious bigotry.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Strobhar is a retired teacher from West Cape May, Pennsylvania who established his own insurance agency. In his free time he enjoyed tennis coaching children from local families while traveling across Middle States to observe and learn from top players.

He strongly believes that major corporations’ financial contributions have an enormous effect on society, and encourages those with pro-life or Catholic values to employ shareholder activism as a form of activism. His Dayton-based firm provides free moral audits and can identify companies supporting abortion, same-sex marriage or embryonic stem cell research.

In October, Disney was denied their request to exclude a proposal by Strobhar which asked Disney to publicly display its charitable giving recipients. Strobhar has previously submitted similar proposals and is part of the Corporate Morality Action Center which opposes abortion and same-sex marriage.

Professional Career

Thomas Strobhar has over two decades of experience as an investment professional. Currently working for G. A. Repple & Company as a financial advisor and holding both Series 65 and 63 licenses,

He offers an exceptional approach to investing and incorporates moral screening criteria as few other advisors do. His proven record shows a history of meeting client needs reliably.

Strobhar has successfully encouraged many companies to reduce their support of Planned Parenthood, filing the first shareholder resolution challenging child pornography as well as fighting corporate involvement in abortion and gay marriage.

Strobhar’s work has proven controversial and received much scrutiny. Disney refused to remove Strobhar’s proposal asking it to publish a list of recipients of its charitable contributions, such as Planned Parenthood donations.

Personal Life

Thomas Strobhar is one of America’s premier investment professionals and a staunch proponent of moral screening in investing. He has filed thousands of shareholder resolutions on morally contentious topics such as pornography, abortion and gay marriage – an approach he has taken towards AT&T, American Express, Berkshire Hathaway Ford Kroger Target and General Mills among others.

At Starbucks’ annual meeting, Strobhar voiced his disapproval over their support of same sex marriage, citing its irresponsibility in disregarding some shareholders and customers’ interests. Starbucks later dropped this support; furthering Strobhar’s work led to the formation of Corporate Morality Action Center; their estimates suggest Strobhar’s boycott of corporations that support Planned Parenthood has cost this abortion provider upwards of $40 Million in lost revenues.

Net Worth

Thomas Strobhar is a non-professional shareholder activist who uses pressure tactics on companies regarding their charitable giving practices. As an anti-gay marriage proponent, Life Decisions International has persuaded several corporations to stop funding Planned Parenthood through his proposal of disclosing donors and recipients for charity contributions made. However, Disney claims this proposal constitutes “micromanaging” the business.

Since 1986, Robert W. Cray has been an advocate of morally responsible investing. His fight has included efforts to prevent corporate funds from supporting pornography, same-sex marriage, embryonic stem cell research and abortion – areas in which many mutual fund managers support. Furthermore, Cray offers free “moral audits” so investors can learn what their fund managers support; his financial services firm resides in Dayton Ohio.

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