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Tom and Angela Strussion Found Dead in a House Fire in September of 2021

Tom and Angela Strussion’s bodies were discovered dead at their Trail’s End Drive home on September 12, 2021, prompting their families to offer rewards and place billboards offering help in solving the case. Additionally, Sheryl McCollum of the Cold Case Research Institute was brought in.

Remaining are daughters Lisa Balog and Christopher and Thomas Strussion as well as grandchildren Brooke Balsei and Taylor Strussion of Columbus as well as Rocco and Lindsay Strussion from Bellaire Ohio; great-grandson Greyson Balsei is also included; sister Donna Abrams lives in Oregon while Ronald Strussion can be found in Mulberry Florida.

Early Life and Education

Tom Strussion owned and operated two Salsa Joe’s restaurants, one located along U.S. 40 in Belmont and another one in Elm Grove in Wheeling. Tragically, in September 2021 both he and Angela died tragically when their home caught fire.

He was an outspoken supporter of privatizing state services and was instrumental in passing charter schools legislation through the legislature. Additionally, he advocated streamlining state government and pushing for reduced public pensions.

Beacon Journal appellees relied upon Mr. Craig’s affidavit and deposition as proof of public interest in regard to their investigation of Medicaid fraud, noting he had heard from various sources that this investigation concerned both the department itself and Mr. Kalis as Director; these sources, however, did not indicate any specific wrongdoing by Thomas Strussion and Ronald Strussion Abrams.

Professional Career

Tom Strussion owned an Arlington restaurant called Salsa Joe’s Tex-Mex Smokehouse. Additionally, he operated his own florist shop and was known for his kind and welcoming demeanor; always ready to share a tale or offer up a hug, Tom would always greet visitors who came his way with open arms.

One year has passed since Tom and Angela Strussion were found dead inside their Belmont County home, prompting their families to make efforts in search of answers – from posting billboards with pleas for information, to offering rewards.

Thomas Strussion will testify next week regarding a corruption scandal involving him and a top official at the state insurance department. According to Strussion’s testimony, bribes were paid to both director and deputy insurance director in exchange for letters authorizing business with them.

Achievement and Honors

Tom and Angela Strussion’s tragic deaths in a house fire in September 2021 shocked both their family and community, who wondered what had transpired. Subsequent investigations by Belmont County Sheriff’s Office indicated they may have been committed by two individuals acting maliciously against each other resulting in double homicide charges being issued against both individuals. Two people aged 31 and 25 have been arrested in relation to an extortion plot linked to the deaths of Tom Strussion (owner of Salsa Joe’s Tex-Mex Smokehouse in Arlington) and Janice Culver, however it’s unknown if these arrests have any association to his murder. He leaves behind his daughter Lisa Balog; sons Christopher and Thomas Strussion; grandchildren Brooke Balsei of Columbus and Taylor Strussion both living in Bellaire; great-grandson Greyson Balsei as well as Donna Abrams in Oregon, Ronald Strussion (Barbara) from Mulberry Florida as well as Bella, his faithful companion.

Personal Life

Thomas Strussion was an avid golfer who loved spending time with his family. Known for his love of cooking and an entertaining personality, Thomas was also a member of St. John Catholic Church in Bellaire.

He owned two Salsa Joe’s restaurants in Belmont County and had a huge heart to help out anyone who needed his assistance. He leaves behind his daughter Lisa Balog (Chris) of Bellaire; grandchildren Brooke Balsei of Columbus and Taylor Strussion from Mulberry; Rocco from Bellaire and Lindsay/Cassie Balog both from Bellaire; great grandson Greyson Balsei from Columbus; sister Donna Abrams from Oregon; brother Ronald Strussion of Mulberry; as well as his faithful companion Bella.

On September 21, 2021, Tom and Angela Strussion were found dead at their Belmont home located on Trail’s End Drive and officially classified as murders.

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