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Thomas Bexon – Surfboard Shaper

Thomas Bexon is an Australian shaper specializing in creating high-quality handmade surfboards. Working alongside Jake Bowrey at their shed in Noosa, Queensland, they hand shape, glass, and finish each board individually before shipping out for final assembly.

At 14 years old, Bexon began crafting boards in his mother’s garage based on what he saw in surfing videos. His enthusiasm led him to try his own version of surfing equipment designs he saw online.

Early Life and Education

Thomas began his journey towards professional surfboard shaping in his mother’s garage where he experimented with balsa wood and foam. Since then, his obsession with quality craftsmanship has propelled him forward into creating boards for some of the world’s finest surfers from Noosa Heads on Sunshine Coast.

After World War 2, new materials, including fibreglass and plastics, became more widely available, enabling lighter surfboards that made riding them easier – leading to the development of “gun boards”, specifically tailored for larger waves.

Blake’s hollow surfboards (dubbed ‘cigar boxes’) were revolutionary, enabling greater progression in surfing while making the sport accessible to a broader audience. His innovative and dedicated commitment to this sport earned him a place in history.

Professional Career

Kanoa Igarashi may only boast 170,000 followers on Instagram, but his sponsorship portfolio includes Kinoshita group (an industrial conglomerate in Japan that oversees businesses from construction to child care to medical products) in Japan, Red Bull in America, and Tag Heuer as functional over aesthetic watch company sponsors.

Hayden Haydenshapes began shaping boards at 15 when he used his wage from his supermarket job to purchase foam, metal racks and an old surfboard shaper. This do-it-yourself ingenuity became the backbone of Haydenshapes – now employing 40 people across Australia and America and selling boards under names Canoe, Dragon, Medusa Edith Flowing Water Humpback among many more commissioned custom designs from surfing’s elite.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas “Doc” Bexon is one of Australia’s foremost hand-build surfboard designers. Working out of Noosa Heads on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, with top glasser Jake Bowrey creating wave sliding vehicles of superior quality.

Joel Tudor has won two World Championship titles with longboards made by him. Additionally, through events like Vans Duct Tape and Deus Ex Machina he has helped build global appreciation of traditional longboards.

Thomas Surfboard stands out in the industry by consistently pushing Harrison Roach and Lola Mignot to go after WSL world title runs in 2023, earning worldwide recognition through their work. They don’t shy away from taking risks that push boundaries; his pioneering spirit has brought great rewards!

Personal Life

Thomas Morey was an iconic surf pioneer who helped transform surfing from an obscure Polynesian curiosity into a mainstream lifestyle activity. An industrious designer and shaper, Thomas was also known as an influential radio and television personality.

His lighter hollow boards (known as cigar boxes or kook boxes) made surfing more accessible to a greater number of people than ever before, and also promoted a more modern approach to surfing by encouraging his followers to experiment with sleek designs.

Thomas Surfboards in Noosaville, Australia provides a creative hub for like-minded individuals to collaborate. It features an art gallery, merch store, barber shop and board shaping bay – as well as many other facilities – providing high-quality custom surfboards to both professional and amateur surfers, featuring something of Thomas on each board crafted.

Net Worth

Thomas began shaping boards at 14 in his mother’s garage after watching surf videos and trying to copy what he saw himself, hoping that the boards he built would work.

He enjoys crafting boards that are both distinctive and challenging to surfer’s abilities, believing no one board fits all conditions and encouraging his customers to think long term about which board would best suit them in the future versus just for now.

Thomas has an appreciation for traditional design and culture. His shop in Noosa serves as a gathering spot for like-minded creatives with art galleries, merchandise stores, barber shops and coffee bars as well as an art studio that houses Thomas’ custom boards for clients.

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