Thomas Swainson

Thomas Swainson

Thomas Swainson was an influential British naturalist and artist known for his stunning, color drawings of shells, flowers and birds. Additionally, he studied New Zealand flora. Thomas is often credited with sparking Victorians’ passion for orchids.

He played an active part in politics and advocated that only Maori who recognized Queen Victoria were true subjects of her rule. He supported responsible governance and opposed colonial wars.

Early Life and Education

Swainson made his living as a naturalist and writer, publishing numerous books on vertebrates, mollusks, insects as well as farm and garden pests for Loudon’s Encyclopaedia of Agriculture and Gardening.

As orders arrived for books, hand-coloured monochrome lithographs were hand-colored by Swainson himself to match color reference images known as pattern plates that he created himself. He also adopted a novel method of serial publication with subscribers receiving and paying for fascicles as they appeared.

Swainson arrived in New Zealand by sail in 1841 and settled at Taurarua in Judges Bay. There he studied eucalyptidae before publishing numerous works about their flora throughout New Zealand, Tasmania and Victoria. On December 6th 1855 in Fern Grove Lower Hutt he died at 66 years old.

Professional Career

Tom is a learning design consultant for EdReports, creating ELA content for Khan Academy and designing virtual reality simulations for Career and Technical Education through TransfrVR. Additionally, Tom has taught English as a Second Language both in the UK and China as well as leading school theater workshops throughout Europe, creating art with alternative arts non-profits in DC, teaching ESL lessons to learners of various levels of English as a Second Language;

Cooley Law School played host to Michigan Court of Appeals Judge William C. Whitbeck and former Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Lawrence M. Glazer this week as part of their 2011 Michigan Notable Books tour. Glazer’s book Wounded Warrior: The Rise and Fall of Michigan Governor John Swainson provides an eyewitness account of Swainson who lost both legs after an accidental land mine explosion during World War II.

Achievement and Honors

Tom Swainson, Assistant Regional Finance Manager (Contracting N&S) of Tarmac has been recognized for his exceptional achievements and contributions to West Midlands communities at an awards event. He received the Highly Commended Award in the Rising Star category.

Swainson first gained interest in orchids while living in Brazil and sent back specimens home, sparking their enthusiasm in Victorians back home. Additionally, his work with various encyclopedia projects tapped his illustrating skills and natural history knowledge.

He served on the New Zealand Legislative Council and played an essential role in setting up its legal system. Bishop G. A. Selwyn sought his expertise when creating an independent church: Anglican Church of New Zealand (ACoNZ).

Personal Life

Swainson never let battle overcome his courage or determination; he persevered through extensive physical therapy sessions until eventually being able to walk upright without assistance.

In 1817, Swainson traveled to Brazil collecting insects, plants and bird skins before publishing an account of his journeys in Edinburgh Philosophical Journal which earned him membership of Linnean Society.

In 1841, Swainson and his family embarked on the long voyage from Lancashire, England, to Wellington in New Zealand in July. Once there he purchased land near Taurarua which he named Hawkshead after a home in Hawkshead in Lancashire, England. Unfortunately his estate was claimed by Taringakuri (Maori Chief), making life extremely difficult for Swainson and his family until they eventually relocated to Judges Bay in Auckland.

Net Worth

Thomas Swainson is an American businessman. He founded Swainson Investments, which holds stakes in numerous energy and financial companies as well as investing in sports teams and making charitable donations. Furthermore, Thomas is on the boards of several publicly traded companies.

We located four people with the name Thomas Swainson living across seven states, most notably Connecticut, Florida and Michigan. Public records revealed most resided there.

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Cooley Law School recently welcomed Lawrence M. Glazer, former Ingham County Circuit Court Judge and author of “Wounded Warrior: The Political Life of Michigan Governor John Swainson”. Read a review here.

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