Thomas Taylor

Thomas Taylor – A Percussionist, Drum Teacher and Musician

Thomas Taylor is an award-winning percussionist, drum teacher, and musician specializing in Jazz music. He has collaborated with local and regional artists as well as sharing the stage with several internationally acclaimed musicians.

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Early Life and Education

Thomas Taylor was born in Kirton-in-Lindsey, Lincolnshire, England. He received an education at both Free School and Leaf Square Academy before embarking upon studies for Congregational ministry.

He was an influential landowner who also held several military commissions, such as being granted cornecy in the 6th Dragoon Guards (1829). Additionally, he served as magistrate for Co. Dublin and magistrate and deputy lieutenant of Co. Meath.

After becoming politically involved, he campaigned for reforms such as household suffrage and improved conditions at hospitals, reformatories, and lunatic asylums. Additionally, he advocated for the abolition of Legislative Council membership as well as technical education within schools.

He eventually immigrated to New Zealand and settled at Port Chalmers – now known as Taylers Point – which offers stunning views over Dowling Bay and Waipuna Bay.

Professional Career

As a young actor, you couldn’t turn on the television without seeing him somewhere on-screen or featured as part of movies or even having him grace a magazine cover! He eventually moved away from acting altogether but still continues his passions today through art photography and designing.

He’s also an entrepreneur and runs his own real estate firm specializing in industrial sales, leasing and development in eastern Los Angeles County and Inland Empire markets.

His teaching career includes instructing at Jamey Aebersold summer jazz camps as a drum set instructor, performing and teaching workshops in Japan, Brazil and other locations worldwide, playing professionally with the Thomas Taylor Band dedicated to Traditional Country Music preservation and continuation.

Personal Life

Taylor maintained an active private life despite his many responsibilities, participating in multiple sports such as golf, riding and tennis.

He was also an outspoken proponent of social reform. As mayor of Christchurch he instituted many reforms ranging from tarring roads and introducing rubbish collections, to supporting New Zealand artists’ works.

Erichson served on several boards of directors, such as Provo Building and Loan, Mapleton Sugar Company and Farmers and Merchants Bank of Provo. Additionally, he held positions within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where he presided over Provo 3rd Ward for 19 years as bishop; additionally he served on Utah Stake’s Executive Committee and Vice President Board.

Net Worth

Thomas Taylor has amassed considerable wealth through his acting and voice acting careers, amassing an estimated net worth of about $18 Million due to his exceptional television and film performances, well-recognized voice acts, as well as directorial ventures.

Home Improvement earned him widespread renown and led to other TV and film roles including the Chevy Chase comedy Man of the House, Mark Twain’s Tom and Huck, and Disney’s live-action Lion King adaptation.

Thomas is currently serving as Director for Floor & Decor Holdings Inc, having participated in two transactions by buying and selling shares of this company. Thomas currently holds 177,891 shares totalling 762,925 for this position with an annual salary of $752,925 he claims that as an avid vegetarian he avoids eating meat at all times.

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