Thomas Yamachika

Thomas Yamachika on “Hawaii SALT”

Tom Yamachika is president of the Tax Foundation of Hawaii, an advocacy organization which monitors state governments on how they raise and spend their money. Additionally, he runs Thomas Yamachika LLLC which specializes in state taxes. Jim Vokal interviewed Tom on this week’s edition of Hawaii SALT.

Professional Career

Thomas Yamachika serves as President of the Tax Foundation of Hawaii, a non-profit organization dedicated to monitoring state and local government finances. Additionally, he owns Aloha State Tax law firm which specializes in taxes imposed by Hawaii state. Previously he held positions with Accuity LLP accounting firm and Cades Schutte Fleming & Wright law firms; during that time gained experience consulting, tax clearance audits voluntary disclosures. Thomas also has represented businesses before both Department of Taxation (DTax) as well as representing them before State Tax Department (DTax). Thomas also joined Hawaii State Bar Association membership.

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