Toby Daniels

Toby Daniels – Actor, Founder and CEO of Crowdcentric and Social Media Week

Toby Daniels, as founder of NYC startup Crowdcentric and global conference Social Media Week, recognizes the power of open innovation. Additionally, he understands that social media may be used for both positive and negative purposes.

He is actively involved with several non-profit organizations, such as CampInteractive and charity:water – both of which focus on providing clean water projects to developing nations.

Early Life and Education

Toby Daniels has become known for his independent short film Dissonance (2018) and historical films such as The Little Picture and Dust Child since entering the industry at age 8. In addition, Toby is also an accomplished writer and actor.

Social Media Week and Crowdcentric are his brainchildren; in The Office he played Toby Flenderson! Additionally he frequently contributes to numerous charitable organizations like CampInteractive (empowering inner city youth through outdoor exploration and creativity) and charity:water (providing clean water to those in need).

He enjoys spending his free time with family and friends, traveling, hiking and spending time at Boulder Lake in Colorado.

Professional Career

Toby Daniels’ work is not limited to entertainment. He actively volunteers with numerous non-profits, serving on the senior board for Camp Interactive (a nonprofit which empowers inner city children to explore their creativity) and strongly supporting charity:water (which provides clean drinking water access).

Boomtown Accelerators was co-founded and is led by Toby. Based out of New York City, Boomtown offers open innovation solutions to brand marketers. As an established leader within the startup ecosystem, Toby speaks at events all around the globe on how open innovation can increase a business’s chances for success – as well as authoring an in-depth book about this topic! He supports Agile software development practices and Six Sigma principles as an advocate.

Achievement and Honors

Daniels has also been an active participant in non-profit organizations beyond his acting work, serving on the senior board for CampInteractive and being an avid supporter of charity:water – both New York-based organizations which aim to provide clean drinking water solutions in developing nations.

He is honored each year as a BMI Icon, receiving this recognition from the performing rights organization. Additionally, he attended Eastern Michigan University drama school. On Broadway he has appeared in Yasmina Reza’s God of Carnage and David Harrower’s Blackbird as well as Off-Broadway productions of Lanford Wilson’s Fifth of July and Johnny Got His Gun.

His recent credits include narrating History Channel’s 3-part miniseries on George Washington entitled Washington (2020), playing FBI Director John O’Neill in 2018 Hulu series The Looming Tower and co-writing and narrating Netflix western miniseries Godless (2017).

Personal Life

Toby Daniels is an entrepreneur with an avid interest in emerging media, technology and open innovation. As co-founder and CEO of Crowdcentric in New York – which creates, monetises and engages global audiences via media and events – and as founder of Social Media Week conference series that examines how technology has affected society and business – Toby Daniels brings his passion for new media, tech & open innovation together in his business practices.

He currently sits on the Senior Board of CampInteractive, a non-profit that empowers at-risk inner city youth, and donates regularly to charity:water – an organization which supports clean water projects worldwide. Additionally, he contributes as a contributing editor for Forbes magazine.

Toby and Rachel reside in Pasadena, Texas with their two children Sophia and Joshua. When not playing golf or reading books, Toby enjoys golfing and reading for leisure.

Net Worth

Toby Daniels is a professional actor and narrator currently working as a partner at Wiggin and Dana LLP as part of its Life Sciences practice group, where he provides legal advice, strategic direction, document drafting/negotiation services.

Toby currently reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $14 Million and is best known for his role as HR representative Toby Flenderson on NBC sitcom The Office and in HBO drama series The Newsroom as fictional news anchor Will McAvoy.

Toby’s net worth can be determined by assessing all of his liquid assets, which include cash, stocks and bonds as well as equity in real estate or vehicles. He may also possess rare collectible items like antiques or vintage baseball cards which contribute to this figure.

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