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A Tribute to Boston’s Brad Delp

Tom DeCarlo, longtime member of arena rock band Boston, boasts an incredible vocal range that can take listeners on an unforgettable musical journey. Additionally, he is a skilled songwriter.

DeCarlo first became aware of Boston songs through his daughter. DeCarlo posted videos singing Boston tunes on MySpace at her encouragement, drawing the notice of bandleader and guitarist Tom Scholz.

Early Life and Education

Tom DeCarlo serves as an example for all those he leads, showing them that any individual can realize their dreams with hard work and perseverance. A gifted vocalist with an immense love of music, DeCarlo has attracted an enormous fan base.

DeCarlo had never performed for large audiences until Tom Scholz, BOSTON’s songwriter heard his BOSTON covers posted to MySpace and invited him as their replacement, replacing Brad Delp.

DeCarlo has quickly won over audiences since joining the band with his powerful voice and captivating performances, impressing audiences everywhere with each show he performs. We look forward to following his musical journey as it progresses and can’t wait to see what his next step may bring!

Professional Career

DeCarlo posted his versions of Boston songs, as well as a tribute song, on MySpace after Brad Delp’s death in 2007, working as a credit manager at Home Depot and writing them down before sending them off to Tom Scholz, guitarist/songwriter of Boston.

Scholz heard them and was impressed at how DeCarlo perfectly captured Delp’s voice and style. He invited Tommy to perform at their tribute show where they have since been part of their lineup.

Today, Tommy continues to delight audiences with his incredible vocal talents and captivating performances. His fans appreciate their support; Tommy also runs a foundation that donates funds for animal protection, world hunger relief and homeless organizations.

Achievement and Honors

Tommy DeCarlo has made an indelible mark on the music industry. His remarkable journey from posting Boston covers on social media to becoming the band’s lead vocalist is truly inspirational and shows anything is possible through hard work and determination.

Since 2008, he has performed with Boston on every tour and performed to sold-out audiences across the globe. Additionally, he has recorded multiple jazz albums as an adjunct professor of theory lab and director of jazz combo at Lafayette College.

DeCarlo stays sharp with his musical chops when not touring with Boston by performing with his own band, DeCarlo. Additionally, he maintains an important bond with his audience and values their support and thanks them for always believing in him and his music.

Personal Life

Tom DeCarlo is a husband, father and credit manager at Home Depot. He leads an ordinary life and enjoys spending time with his family; in particular he enjoys freestyle skating and croquet – in his free time he even pilots his single-engine plane!

He never imagined becoming part of Boston, even after listening to their iconic 70s hits like More Than a Feeling and Peace of Mind while growing up.

He developed an early interest in music and was heavily influenced by classical musicians who surrounded him while growing up, but also enjoyed jazz and blues genres. He wrote songs in his spare time before posting them online through Myspace; eventually this garnered Tom Scholz (Boston’s founding lead guitarist/songwriter/producer).

Net Worth

Tommy DeCarlo was born April 23rd 1965 in Utica, NY and currently plays lead vocals for Boston since 2007. Additionally he released two solo albums.

DeCarlo first rose to fame when he posted Boston cover songs on Myspace, prompting Tom Scholz to approach him for replacement of Brad Delp in Tom Scholz’s band. Prior to this point in time he worked as a credit manager at Home Depot while performing before only small audiences.

He currently resides in Charlotte MNC with his wife and children. As an avid music lover and guitarist himself, he particularly appreciates Boston. Additionally, his voice makes for great entertainment!

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