Turtwig Best Nature

Best Natures For Turtwig in Pokemon World

The best nature for Turtwig is Impish, which enhances Defense stat and reduces Special Attack stat. This nature is also effective against physical attacks and is a good choice if your build calls for physical moves. This Pokemon is slow and must be able to dodge powerful attacks.

Your Pokemon will be able to maintain its bulk and stall with the help of Impish Nature. This will increase its defensive abilities. It also won’t affect its offensive might too much. This will allow it to use powerful Grass-type attacks. This is a great choice for PVP battles because it gives Turtwig the most DPS.

Protect is a great tool to help protect Turtwig if you are using it as a defensive Stealth rock lead. This will save it from attacks from other types of leads, including Chimchar. However, Chimchar uses Fire type STAB which can be countered with Flash Fire. Meowth can also pose a threat, so avoid using U-turn on Turtwig.

Piplup is the starter with the highest Special Attack stat. It can increase its Special Attack stat with the Modest nature and decrease its Attack stat with the help of its Modest nature. This makes it a good choice for a starter, as it gives your Pokemon an extra Attack stat. If you’re looking for a more physically-oriented Pokemon, you might want the Jolly nature to be avoided.

Turtwig has the next highest assault stat in Pokemon games, followed by Piplup. Its natures are more advantageous for competitive players, so make sure you choose carefully. It is important to take the time to think about your choices so that your Pokemon is the best. Before you make your final decision, it is a good idea for Turtwig to be used as a starter.

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