tyson desert toad strain

Tyson Desert Toad Strain Review

Tyson desert toad strain is a heavy hitting indica hybrid that is perfect for night time use. A perfect balance of relaxation and euphoria makes this strain a great option for a variety of medicinal purposes including anxiety, insomnia, and pain relief.

This strain is the creation of legendary boxer, entrepreneur, and cannabis advocate Mike Tyson. Its unique genetics were inspired by the experience of toad licking, a practice that Tyson himself tried when he was younger.

He claims that it was a life-changing experience, helping him lose 100 pounds, start boxing again, and reconnect with his family. The strain is a cross between chemdawg OG and girl scout cookies, which resulted in a hard-hitting indica that produces cerebral euphoria and relaxing effects.

The weed comes with a strong, dank aroma and a flavor that is mostly citrus, reminiscent of the smell of lemons in the sun. The taste is also tangy and slightly sweet, with hints of citrus and pine.

Dynamite Cookies is another of Tyson 2.0’s indica-dominant strains that’s a standout for its quality and affordability. At $50 an eighth, this isn’t the top-shelf artisan craft cannabis that you’d expect from a brand like Seth Rogen’s Houseplant, but for a mid-range product, it hits the mark.

These buds are incredibly dense and heavy, with a thick layer of sticky resin coating the leaves. The bud’s dense structure also lends to the potency of the smoke, as it is prone to giving off an extremely harsh and pungent smoke.

Unlike many strains that have high levels of THC, these buds aren’t overly psychedelic in nature. The high is primarily focused on physical relaxation, which can be helpful for those who struggle with insomnia or chronic pain.

Tyson 2.0’s Desert Toad, which is a cross between Desert Toad and Chemdawg Og, is a powerful Indica that combines cerebral euphoria with relaxing and sedating effects. A good choice for evening or nighttime use, this bud has a rich and tangy flavor profile that has a hint of earthy pepper.

This is a very popular strain among patients who deal with stress and anxiety. As a sedative, the high can temporarily ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. The high is also a great option for those who are looking to relax before a big event or party.

The toad phenotype of the Desert Toad is one of the most popular varieties in the cannabis industry, and it’s easy to see why. It provides a psychedelic high that’s akin to tripping on peyote. Moreover, it has a wide range of medical benefits, including appetite stimulation and nausea alleviation.

Toad genes have made their way into countless cannabis strains, but Tyson 2.0’s version takes it a step further. Unlike other strains that use toad genetics, it leverages indoor grows to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

In addition to the flower, Tyson 2.0 is introducing edibles as well, and we’re not sure how they’ll stack up against their premium offerings, but they certainly have some nostalgic-laced treats up their sleeves. If you’re a fan of the man behind the boxing gloves, you’ll definitely want to check out these gummies that feature a piece missing from the ear he bit Evander Holyfield during their heavyweight championship battle in 1997.

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