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USC and Disney

On Saturday’s game, The Trojan Marching Band will perform 14 songs from Disney’s 61 animated features as announced by Bill Farmer (voices of Goofy and Pluto since 1987).

USC has had an ongoing relationship with Hollywood studios since the 1930s, producing some notable alumni like:

Early Life and Education

Disney was raised with an appreciation of higher education by her parents, attending USC for both undergraduate and graduate degrees (a bachelor’s in economics and master’s in organizational leadership respectively).

The University of Southern California has a rich tradition of working closely with Hollywood studios to teach film production. Disney Television Animation recently hosted a class at USC to give aspiring animators insight from studio executives about developing compelling story ideas.

USC students also benefit from free or discounted admission to museums throughout Los Angeles. You can visit La Brea Tar Pits, a fossil museum featuring mammoths and saber-toothed cats; or the Natural History Museum to gain insight into African American art, historical documents, and more.

Professional Career

No matter your field of endeavor – from magic-making at our Parks and Resorts, business growth development or working behind-the-scenes on TV shows and movies – to supporting business growth or production on TV series or movies, you will be part of an incredible team and culture that creates unforgettable guest experiences around the globe. We pride ourselves on fostering a diverse workplace where ideas from all people help us expand, innovate and tell incredible tales!

Our students gain hands-on experience designing, engineering and creating innovative solutions that transform entertainment technology. Through hands-on practice they gain creative thinking abilities, problem-solving abilities and leadership qualities necessary for becoming confident leaders. Furthermore, they get to collaborate with industry professionals on projects as part of professional environments.

Achievement and Honors

USC alumni are regularly recognized for their achievements. One such award, known as the Sullivan Award, recognizes graduates whose accomplishments demonstrate significant professional advancement. Furthermore, USC has awarded alumni for leadership and community service work.

Other noteworthy alumni include journalist Alex Luchsinger, who worked at NBC News before becoming a professor at Elon University and publishing multiple books and journal articles before receiving the National Association of Black Journalists Distinguished Alumni Award.

The USC Trojan Marching Band has performed at multiple Disney productions and its alumni have played an influential role in shaping the company. Walt Disney himself took note of them when attending halftime of a Rose Bowl game in 1955.

Composer Jerry Bock graduated from USC and taught there for over 30 years, becoming known for blending music with visuals to create immersive experiences.

Personal Life

USC has had a profound effect on people from every walk of life, from celebrities and politicians to athletes and students with various personal challenges. Here are their stories:

Sarah Showich hails from Detroit and was raised with cerebral palsy. Her parents taught her to take each challenge step-by-step and appreciate even small victories; an approach which has guided Sarah through college life.

Jerry Papazian, an Alum and Centennial Advisory Committee co-chair at USC, knows it more than just as a school – for him it is more like family. “USC stands out as having the unique ability to help its students feel included and that makes the school so attractive; no other university does that as effectively!” He believes this ability helps students remain committed through tough times in their education journeys. “That is something not seen anywhere else and is one reason so many Trojans remain with their educations.”

Net Worth

Abigail Disney amasses an estimated net worth of $120 Million thanks to her long career at Walt Disney Company as CEO and the significant acquisitions such as Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm that occurred under her tenure. This has contributed enormously to Abigail’s wealth.

The Pac-12 would suffer substantial value loss should UCLA leave, yet the Trojans’ departure from Los Angeles should not prevent recoupment in future contract cycles. To understand how much, The Hotline conducted interviews with multiple sources within sports-media industry as well as analysis on TV ratings data provided by SportsMediaWatch; our investigation proved quite eye-opening!

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