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Walter Medlin – A Source of Fascination to Ferrari Enthusiasts

Walter Medlin is an expert bariatric surgeon specializing in weight loss procedures such as gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy, laparoscopic surgery and minimally invasive techniques.

John has long been in the news, mostly for tax evasion. At one time he even owned a cougar, bear, and Rocky the Baywatch Chimp!

Early Life and Education

After graduating Osceola High School, Medlin took up work as an X-ray technician. By the time Hurricane Charley hit Kissimmee and Lake Tohopekaliga in Kissimmee, Medlin had amassed an extensive collection of classic cars inside an unassuming barn that most neighbors assumed housed lawn/farm equipment, his plane, or possibly even a boat.

Medlin had long been known for dodging his taxes. He even served time in jail on an income tax evasion charge in the early 90s for using auction properties to avoid paying them; as a result, several seizures of property by the IRS occurred along with some jail time for tax evasion charges against him. His car barn provided both storage space and tax shelter.

Professional Career

Medlin serves as head equipment manager for the Bears, working closely with various professionals including team trainer and sport science coordinator, dietician, video coordinator as well as members from community relations and media relations departments.

Medlin made national headlines for his financial mismanagement during the 1970s when he owned and managed a museum with an interactive Concorde model on Aeronautical Drive in Kissimmee, but defaulted on his mortgage and had it auctioned off after failing to meet payments.

Medlin also owns a Ferrari sports car collection and was embroiled in various tax evasion disputes with the IRS, eventually serving time in prison in 1997. But his most cherished work involves Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears: providing helmets, pads and uniforms as well as wisdom guidance and relief from pressure of professional football life.

Achievement and Honors

At North Carolina Central University, Medlin was responsible for overseeing distribution and maintenance for all athletic gear as well as travel plans and road game preparations. Outlaw was particularly impressed with Medlin’s willingness to work hard while staying organized.

Medlin received the Virginia McCaskey Award in 2017, which recognizes Bears staff members who exhibit grace, humility, and loyalty akin to that displayed by Mrs. McCaskey herself. Medlin fondly recalled meeting Mike Ditka and veteran players like Walter Payton Richard Dent Willie Gault Matt Suhey and Otis Wilson upon arriving on campus for the first time.

Medlin leaves two daughters, Starla and Walta, as well as six grandchildren behind him. Additionally, his siblings Manual Medlin, Warren Medlin, Nadine Feris and Bob Medlin also survive him.

Personal Life

Walter Medlin is an eccentric character with an odd personality who has fascinated Ferrari enthusiasts for decades. Often courted and involved in legal disputes, Walter amassed his collection of Ferrari sports cars by engaging in land deals in Osceola County; also involved with multiple IRS disputes.

Hurricane Charley destroyed one of his storage buildings on West Lake Tohopekaliga in 2004, revealing a collection of 18 Ferraris and one Studebaker Avanti worth $50 million to the world. A subsequent tax audit from 2014 discovered he evaded $1.1 million worth of taxes by selling landfill property without declaring.

He is survived by his wife, Betty; sons Matthew and Garrett; daughters Starla and Walta; grandchildren Wyatt and Cami; his sister Nadine Feris and many extended family members.

Net Worth

Walter Medlin’s nondescript barn on Lake Tohopekaliga gained widespread media coverage when it was discovered to house an impressive collection of classic Ferrari sports cars – reportedly making him owner of one of the third-largest private collections worldwide.

In 1997 he pled guilty to tax evasion and served five months in jail; since then he has kept most of his wealth to himself.

His reclusive lifestyle and vast property portfolio make him an intriguing character to investigate, so use Radaris to conduct background and property checks on him.

In 2014, the 71-year-old returned to court to defend himself against Federal income tax evasion allegations related to his sale of a landfill and was sentenced to 30 months of incarceration.

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