Wavee Dave

A Memorable Life of Wavee Dave

Jackson State University mascot Wavee Dave was recently flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after getting involved with the action during a football game. Rushing onto the field after Tigers touchdown proved costly for his team!

Wavee Dave was not the first mascot to get flagged at a college football game; however, he is certainly unique for doing it during one. We hope he learns to control his enthusiasm in future!

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Dave spent most of his time as a legal practitioner where he played an active role in numerous high profile, high stakes litigation cases – such as an award-winning telecommunications case for Los Angeles. Following in the footsteps of his law firm’s practice, Dave took extra measures in seeking out and negotiating the most advantageous settlement possible on behalf of both his client and city; ultimately making an appearance before Los Angeles County District Attorney to secure it for both. Having done this successfully, Dave moved on to executive vice president of marketing and sales for an e-commerce technology provider company based out of California.

Achievement and Honors

Wavee Dave was known for wearing one of the coolest costumes on the football field and being an active philanthropist. He made sure that campus and surrounding areas felt like home by participating in numerous civic, charitable, and fundraising activities at university. He was an ardent Johnstown State Tiger fanatic who looked forward to every game, match and event at which his alma mater participated. According to those in the know, he boasted an impressively long list of accolades; these included making dean’s list and receiving gold medal in JSU Hall of Fame; being responsible for one of the most successful Tiger Mascot Programs ever; receiving awards for both leadership and mentoring in athletic department and fraternity/sorority communities as well as his achievements on dean’s list and Hall of Fame; as well as receiving several other recognitions & medals from JSU Hall of Fame!

Personal Life

Dave exhibits strong social responsibility, often writing about mental health and domestic abuse issues. His debut album Psychodrama (2019) became an international hit and was awarded with the Mercury Prize.

He also won an Ivor Novello award for Best Contemporary Song in 2018.

In 2022, Dave made history when he became the first British rap artist ever to achieve two UK number one albums in consecutive weeks. His first record earned the largest first-week stream total ever for any UK rap album ever and both records proved critical success stories.

Net Worth

Dave Orobosa Omoregie, more commonly known by his stage name Santan Dave, is a British rapper and record producer estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of around $3.3 Million.

His net worth can largely be attributed to his music career. He has released many acclaimed albums and singles which have enabled him to amass considerable wealth.

He has sold millions of album copies and earned multiple streams, with his second release “We’re All Alone in This Together” becoming an overnight sensation and ranking at number one on UK music charts.

He has received multiple endorsement deals from various companies, which help him generate significant amounts of income. He’s an avid car collector who owns several vehicles including a Lamborghini Urus and Audi R8. Furthermore, he spends a large chunk of money traveling and exploring new places.

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