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Lil Wayne Rich

Wayne Rich is Chief Financial Officer of Rare Element Resources Ltd and also sits on various boards of companies.

Wayne brings extensive expertise in land development and public finance to Central Florida, representing multiple large landowners and developers in this region. Additionally, Wayne was instrumental in founding New Orleans instrumental funk project TriFunctA.

Early Life and Education

Wayne Rich was born and raised in Hermosa Beach, California as a Quaker. As a child he attended Arba Friends Meeting before continuing on to the University of Wichita for study.

He also taught at various colleges, earning several awards and recognition throughout his career as both an accomplished artist and writer.

He is widely recognized for his signature gravelly voice and skilled flow, having appeared as a guest singer on many popular music tracks. With an avid following on social media and as an advocate in the LGBTQ community, he has also appeared in films and TV shows while taking part in political initiatives and community projects. Carter is his son.

Professional Career

Lil Wayne has made his mark not only through rap music but also as an entrepreneur and investor. His business ventures include mining operations, flavored water distribution and boxing promotions – and have garnered him many awards and honors during his career.

He contributed his expertise in bodybuilding to several magazines such as Joe Weider’s Muscle Builder and Flex in the 1970s and ’80s, earning a reputation as an industry expert.

TWRA describes Rich as an unwavering game warden who saw and experienced everything imaginable from snake-handling pastors and adult bookstores, to illegal trophy hunting, boaters who have been impaired and murder suspects. According to them, no other game warden can match his experience – “He truly stood tall as one of our profession’s greats,” TWRA asserts.

Achievement and Honors

Rich was widely recognized for his dedication and mastery of surfboard building. His boards featured cutting edge technologies with modern progressive features. Rich became a legend within Hermosa Beach’s surf community during what became known as South Bay surfing’s “Golden Era.”

Wayne provided hunting and fishing law enforcement on Agency WMAs, access areas, and public waterways as well as instructing or assisting with eight hunter safety courses and five boating education classes that reached over 1,000 participants. He participated in multiple annual area events and coordinated Jakes Day to introduce youth hunters and fishermen.

He saw his work as an ongoing project that generated as many questions as answers and always sought new strategies to advance it further. He was an incredible advocate for narrative studies.

Personal Life

Wayne was an exceptional husband, father and son. He took great joy in being there for his nieces and nephews and numerous friends as well as being an organ donor who saved many lives through his donation. Wayne will be deeply missed by everyone he touched in life.

His passions included working on his 1993 Foxbody Yellow Mustang, playing poker on Tuesday nights with friends, sending a weekly poker snapchat message out, gardening at home, skiing at Lake O’ the Pines and Caddo Lake as well as watching NASCAR. Comet and Snoopy were his beloved dogs that he dearly cherished.

Wayne Rich was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving a mission together with his wife in Oklahoma City. Additionally, Wayne loved hunting and fishing – attending car shows as well as spending time at his mountain cabin was something he relished doing in his free time.

Net Worth

Rappers don’t always find success in music’s competitive environment. As evidenced by the “mumble rap” subgenre, even those who reach the pinnacle must work hard and smart to remain at the top. Lil Wayne serves as an exemplar of how talent, perseverance and strategic investments can make all the difference in life.

Wayne’s musical ability has allowed him to amass an impressive net worth. Not content with just Cash Money Records, he invests in other lucrative businesses such as SUPRA and Bogey Cigars that add significantly to his fortune.

Wayne also works in real estate, purchasing properties across the nation. With his exquisite car collection and sparkling diamond accessories that turn heads, Wayne stands out amongst his peers as an expert real estate tycoon.

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