What Does Riuta Mean La Rams

What Does “Riuta” Mean?

Generally speaking, the term “Riuta” is used to refer to the Los Angeles Rams. This name is derived from college football history, but is also used by teams such as the Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, and Detroit Lions. Currently, the Los Angeles Rams are one of the worst teams in the NFL. They are ranked 28th.

Losses to Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles

Despite a solid first half, the Chicago Bears lost 29-14 to the Philadelphia Eagles at Soldier Field on Sunday. While the Bears had several great opportunities, they couldn’t put the ball in the end zone. The Eagles dominated in every phase of the game and finished with a decisive advantage in total yards (202-9), first downs (145-5) and time of possession (22:45-9:15).

The Bears were led by QB Jay Cutler, who threw for 216 yards with one touchdown and a costly interception. Matt Schaub and Jalen Hurts also threw for more than 200 yards.

Losses to Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers

Despite being the defending NFC West champions, the Arizona Cardinals are going to lose to the San Francisco 49ers in Mexico City. The Cardinals have dropped four of their past six games, and are now 4-7. They also have no postseason hopes.

The 49ers scored 24 unanswered points in the second half to put the game out of reach. The Cardinals were outgained 186-185. San Francisco also outgained the Cardinals in first downs, at 4.6 yards per play. Despite the loss, the 49ers improved to 6-4 on the season.

Losses to Detroit Lions

Having lost eight games in a row, the Detroit Lions have not yet regained the luster they were once known for. With the exception of the playoffs, the team has been a train wreck on the field since the day they parted ways with their previous head coach, Jim Caldwell. Not to mention the loss of their ringleader, quarterback Nick Foles. This is a team that’s been known to play dirty for a number of years.

Aside from the team’s usual suspects, the Lions also threw their collective butts off the wall by way of a late hit by Los Angeles Rams receiver, a nifty feat of physics that is often overlooked.

Losses to Baltimore Ravens

Considering Baltimore’s recent losses, it is easy to be skeptical about the Ravens’ playoff prospects. After all, they are the only team in their division that is losing. Yet, it’s not the first time they’ve missed the playoffs in consecutive seasons since 2004-2005.

The Ravens have had several opportunities to put themselves in a better position. They blew a 10-point fourth-quarter lead to the New York Giants in Week 7, and they had an opportunity to defeat the Raiders in the AFC Championship Game. Yet, their ability to execute in the red zone was nowhere to be found.

Losses to Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Despite having a 3-5 record, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. This is the first time the Buccaneers have been in the playoffs in five years. They are still three games behind the top team in the AFC, the Buffalo Bills.

In a rematch of last season’s divisional round match-up, the Buccaneers were able to put some pressure on the Los Angeles Rams. Nevertheless, the Buccaneers lost the game 27-22. They lost top edge rusher Shaquil Barrett to an Achilles tendon injury.

Losses to Seattle Seahawks

Despite a fantastic effort, Seattle Seahawks lost to the New Orleans Saints 17-10 on Sunday. The loss also ended the Seahawks’ 15-game home winning streak. Seattle is now 2-2 and faces Los Angeles Rams in Week 13.

Seattle started the game with a touchdown from rookie running back Kenneth Walker III. The team’s offense continued to show its dominance early. The Saints were unable to stop the running game, which led to two rushing touchdowns by rookie Kenneth Walker III. Seattle led 20-7 after three quarters, but the Saints were able to rally in the fourth quarter. The Seahawks had a turnover on downs and were unable to hold the lead.

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