What Is Bruce Arians Wearing On Chest

What is Bruce Arians Wearing on Chest?

Bruce Arians brings a unique style to NFL sidelines. He sports a Kangol hat and glasses that at times look like two separate pairs under his face shield. He also wore a pair of sunglasses earlier this season.

In recent weeks, he’s gotten a lot of attention for the device he wears strapped around his chest. It’s a regular radio belt that coaches use, but he’s one of the few that don’t hook it up into a belt loop or pocket.

The mic pack is a vital part of an NFL head coach’s job, as it allows him to communicate with his quarterback and other coaches on his team. However, it can be a heavy, bulky thing to have in the middle of your body.

So it makes sense that Arians would want to avoid the additional weight. It’s why he’s strapped his radio unit into an over-shoulder strap that reaches to the top of his chest, rather than hooking it into a belt loop.

It’s a small detail, but it adds up to an eye-catching accessory for the Buccaneers’ head coach. It’s something many Twitter users have pointed out, with some comparing it to Darth Vader’s chest plate and Ghostbusters gear.

He has faced a number of health scares in his life. He’s a prostate cancer survivor, and he has battled skin and kidney cancer in the past.

Despite those issues, Arians has taken an active role in his health. He was even spotted wearing a “Berry Strong” T-shirt before a game last week, in support of Chiefs safety Eric Berry who is out for the season with a mass in his chest.

His latest health scare, which came before the Buccaneers’ last home game against the Falcons in October, was caused by pericarditis — a condition that causes swelling and irritation of the sac-like tissue surrounding your heart. It typically goes away without treatment, but Arians says he was put through tests and treated with anti-inflammatories to keep the pain under control.

This has kept him out of the Buccaneers’ travel schedule for the past few weeks. He’s still attending practices and home games, but he hasn’t gone to any away games yet.

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