What Is The Best Way To Avoid E. Coli Quizlet

What is the Best Way to Avoid Ecoli Quizlet?

One way to avoid catching Salmonella is to cook your food thoroughly. To determine if your meat is cooked properly, you can use a food thermometer. You should also avoid eating undercooked or raw meat. Always purchase your produce and meat from reputable suppliers. You should also thoroughly clean your cutting boards and knives. Cook food at a safe temperature and maintain a consistent temperature.

In addition to cooking your food properly, you should also wash produce thoroughly. Fresh produce is a great source for E.coli so washing your produce thoroughly is a good idea. Viral infections are caused by bacteria that grows in the body and is passed on to people through the fecal/oral route. Other common routes of transmission include sneezing or coughing. Foods contaminated with viruses can also spread viral illnesses. Hepatitis A and Norovirus are two of the most prevalent viruses found in food. While these infections are not fatal, they can be a major cause of food poisoning in people.

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