Who Is Jamika Pessoa Husband

Who is Jamika Pessoa Husband?

Jamika Pessoa is a famous celebrity chef. Her net worth is estimated to be in the millions. She has earned her fame through a series of cooking shows. With her culinary prowess, she has a unique cooking style that incorporates international expertise.

Jamika Pessoa is renowned for her bold takes on classic foods. She has appeared on several television programs and is the co-host of The Good Dish TV. This show also features celebrity news and must-have beauty trends. She is also a judge on the show Raid the Fridge, a cooking competition that allows chefs to cook for 24 hours straight.

Jamika Pessoa was born in March 1979 in the United States. Her father is Jamaican and her mother is Trinidadian. From a young age, she became passionate about cooking. Eventually, she enrolled in the Art Institutes International Culinary School in Atlanta. There, she was able to study abroad and gain more culinary experience. Upon completion, she joined the professional ranks. In 2009, she became a successful celebrity chef.

Before becoming a celebrity chef, she worked in corporate marketing. However, after only a few years in the field, she realized that her heart was not in that career. Rather, she had found her calling as a chef. Since then, she has developed an empire of a career as a catering business owner and a chef.

Despite her successful career, Jamika Pessoa has been unable to leave her husband. The couple has been married for a number of years. They have two children. One daughter, Stella, was born on December 22, 2020. The other daughter, Jill, was born on May 16, 2019. Jamika Pessoa is not the first celebrity chef to have a marriage. Other stars like Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart have also been known to have a relationship with their wives.

Jamika Pessoa’s husband is a man named Darcell Smith. According to Jamika’s bio, she met him during the ’90s. Despite their years together, they have not discussed their marriage publicly. However, there are plenty of photos of the couple on social media. If you are curious about Jamika Pessoa and Darcell Smith’s marriage, you can visit their Instagram account.

Although he is a project and undertaking manager from Detroit, Darcell Smith started his career as a flight test engineer. He has since progressed to a senior project engineer and a client care pioneer. For the next few years, he will be a senior project and undertaking manager at GE Power. Besides being a great dad to his children, Darcell Smith is a solid and steadfast husband to Jamika Pessoa.

As a chef, Jamika Pessoa is very passionate about her work. Aside from being an accomplished and successful cook, she is also an inspirational model. Her cooking style is often described as Caribbean heat meets Southern sweet. It is surprising, but her recipes are packed with flavor.

Jamika Pessoa and her husband are not shy about their love for each other. When they are not on camera, they enjoy spending time together and enjoying each other’s company.

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