Why Did Cinco And Cashay Break Up

Cinco and Cashay – Why Did Cinco and Cashay Break Up?

If you are a fan of Love Island, you have probably watched Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland Jr. You might have wondered what happened to them after the show. They were one of the few couples to remain together during the show’s third season.

Cashay and Cinco were two of the most popular couples during the show. In the beginning, it seemed that they were on good terms. They hung out and had plenty of time to spend with each other. They were also teammates on episodes 2 and 5 of the show. They went to each other’s hometowns and met up with their families. They kept fans updated through social media posts and IG Lives. However, a few months after the show, they broke up.

While they had been together for a while, it seems that there was a misunderstanding between them. This was not the reason they ended their relationship. They still had a long-distance relationship, even after the show. In August, Cash was sent home. He blamed Cinco for the misunderstanding.

Cinco and Cashay began a second relationship after their time on Love Island. Their new partnership lasted for almost five months. They visited each other multiple times after the show. They were even spotted hanging out with other Love Islanders, including Javonny Vega, before their separation. In early January, the two got together again to celebrate Cashay’s 26th birthday.

Although they were one of the more interesting couples on Love Island USA, they had a few hiccups along the way. They had a bit of a roller coaster ride with their relationship. They were teammates on the ‘Babewatch’ challenge, but they had some friction in the last few days. This did not seem to affect their relationship at all.

When Cash and Cinco competed on the show, they matched up with each other. They went to each other’s hometowns several times. They were together outside the villa and kept fans up to date via IG Lives and other social media. The two seemed to have a nice bond, but they did have a few misunderstandings.

Despite their rocky past, the two have rekindled their friendship and have been spending quality time together. They posted videos on social media showing their friends and family. They encouraged positivity and shared tips on how to have a great time. In the end, they parted on good terms.

The two reunited in October 2022. They have been spending time at their home and posting videos on social media. They have not been romantically linked. They are playing alongside other Love Islanders, but they are attempting to make things work. The two are trying to win the hefty prize of $500,000 during the show.

They have kept their fans updated on what is going on with their love life. They have also posted videos together with other cast members. They have also shown their mothers, and they are referred to as boyfriend and girlfriend in the captions of some of these videos.

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